On The Seven People in the Entertainment Business I Would Like to Meet

Re: #5 - I work for a nonprofit that helps runaway/homeless youth, and when we were redesigning our website last summer, one of my tasks was to choose new stock photos. I don't have much of a story though. Shutterstock is good for sad photos?

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On Long Live X Factor UK!

I happened to catch a couple episodes back in 2008 when Simon was still hosting and *loved* it. When Fox announced they were doing a US version, I knew they wouldn't keep all the elements of the UK version that made it so enjoyable.

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On Ask a Clean Person: It’s Time to Talk About Your Floors

@madamvonsassypants Oh no, that wasn't my intent. Wait, does my saying that make my unintentional humblebrag worse?!

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On Ask a Clean Person: It’s Time to Talk About Your Floors

@RosemaryF I'm with you sister. The thought of hand-cleaning our wood floors - oh, my knees!

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On Ask a Clean Person: It’s Time to Talk About Your Floors

How did you know I've been trying to figure out how to effectively clean the tile floor in my bathroom? And that I was going to tackle it tonight?

One thing I can't do is go handsies-kneesies on my entire apartment's wood floors. This place is GIANT.

Also - I've been avoiding oil soap and the like because it left a weird buildup on my floor. Now I damp mop with cold water, no cleaner or anything. Am I just shoving the dirt around?

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On Wikipedia Entries for Every Situation

It's like you knew I was wondering how to kill the rest of my work day.

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On Morning Mad Libs

Replace "shuffles" with "cat-sits" and I'll believe you actually know Choire*.

*I do not know Choire but his twitter feed is heavy with the cat-sitting references.

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On Help Us, Clean But Not Super Unreasonable People!

I love these bra bags. My bras (which are not tiny) fit easily, two to a bag, and i just throw them in with the warm load and dry on a rack. Wash about once a week or so, depending on weather. Bras hold their form, underwire isn't compromised (very important for ladies with not tiny bras).

Oh, and I have D-cups and have 5 bras: two for every day, one for pushup purposes, one for wearing under t-shirts and the like, and one very very pretty one.

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On Cartoonish Kreayshawn Pal V-Nasty Makes a YouTube

i really want to see a collabo between these ladies and Odd Future. The internet would explode.

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On The Two Best Parts of A New Kind of Monster, Timothy Appleby's Fine Book About Southern Ontario's Most Recent Serial Killer

Dateline did an episode about him. It was so fascinating. And it was narrated by Keith Morrison, who is just the best at narrating creepy stories such as this.

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