On You're a Good Man, Charlie Windsor


p.s. Did everyone know that a chopped off head survives for 25 seconds or so? Did everyone also know that Anne Boleyn's head is rumored to have attempted to speak to the crowd from the floor??

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies


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On Five OkCupid Messages That Made Me Want to Revise My Profile

Can I complain (humblebrag) about every girl on OKC being smart and reasonable? It's no fun. I want terrible messages sometimes! Every time this subject comes up I feel left out. All I get is nice, intelligent messages from pretty girls. It's lame. :(

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On A Pie for the Clumsy

YAY! I'm not the only one with a clumsy/drunk shoulder injury!

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On What Is a Jukebox?

@frigwiggin GET OFF MY LAWN!

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On Loaner Shirts, Neon Books, and the Meanings of Sleazy

@MilesofMountains THANK YOU

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On "If the ascent of women has been much exaggerated, so has the descent of men."

@sashay We all take our own perspective into these conversations. That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying to have them. And I don't know. I understand the reluctance to accept new ways of thinking (as a white hetero male) when it interferes with ignoring that I have every possible advantage. But that's the thing! A lot of people will accept that they have certain privileges, but fail to apply it to real life in a meaningful way. ...I guess I just don't want anyone to give up on me. I don't know how to argue that I deserve explanations of my ignorance, but of course I feel like I do.

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On "If the ascent of women has been much exaggerated, so has the descent of men."

@hahahaha, ja. I think you said it really well! It's too bad it isn't as easy to directly respond to NYT comments like it is here, but I bet NYT Commenter would appreciate an informed explanation of why his comment illustrates his privilege and is at the core of the issue.

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On "If the ascent of women has been much exaggerated, so has the descent of men."

@hahahaha, ja. Can someone elaborate on why that NYT comment was so offensive? It's a question that always comes up. Is it because it should be obvious by now that women have been conditioned to pursue careers other than computer science? Is it that it neglects content producers like Edith and Jane? Is it that online technical computer science forums are sexist?

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On The Truffle: Both Chocolate and Other

@aphrabean ALSO here is the infuriating part. I've read or watched or something that a lot of CHEFS don't know this, and will spray or drizzle truffle oil on their truffle dishes that contain actual truffles to bump up the truffle flavor. Because the fake stuff is way stronger I guess? Unless this stuff ends up on a potato chip, it's all very discouraging.

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