On Company Eggs, the Very Best Pork Tenderloin Marinade, and Mash

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On We Would Watch a Wolverine/Catwoman Crossover

As a former drama geek and general book nerd, I was genetically predisposed to love this movie. It hurts me to admit that the movie kind of disappointed. There were two or three scenes that were magnificent (the open, Fantine, & one day more), but so many others were so flat, they were worse than bad. Breaks my heart that Hugh Jackman couldn't sing!

I think the director tried to fudge singing talent with stardom, so he ended up getting some big names that really couldn't carry a tune. Everybody acted their asses off though, no lack of trying in that dept.

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On Man Dissatisfied With Meal

Guy Fieri is such a douche, and so gross and fake with the peroxide and gel. I don't understand why he is so ubiquitous.

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On So I'm Sat There Next to Richard Branson, Right?

I'm too lazy to google Richard Branson, but Jane, you got chops to pick up that tape. This is why you are a pro-fessional.

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On Let's Quit Screwing Around Here

Oh my god I just shit myself.

@Ashley Lange they will put a lav on each actor that will pick up their slightest sigh, so they don't have to "belt out" anything. Long boom mics you saw would be for ambient sound.

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On They Had a Tablescape Competition at the Fair

One time I was watching Willy Wonka on tv and it was pretty sweet, but then I looked out the window and this old man who lives on my cul-de-sac had died and slumped over in his porch rocking chair. All in all, probably a nice way to go, but it's all I can think about now when Willy Wonka comes up. That is all.

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On Ask a Clean Person: 'Pits, Revisited

Those pettipants are cuuuuute!

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On Ask a Clean Person: 'Pits, Revisited

@PatatasBravas Amazon! Kleinert's!

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On Ask a Clean Person: 'Pits, Revisited

@mabellegueule: Don't do it! I tried that one time and the adhesive wasn't durable enough for regular arm-swinging during the day. I had this moment where I could only account for the pantiliner in one pit and then HORROR. I had to discreetly check myself to see if it was stuck to me (no) and then nonchalantly re-trace my steps through the building to find it. It was at the coke machine. Get the kleinerts, they have them on Amazon, washable kinds and disposable kinds that are much like pantiliners but without the betrayal.

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On Ask a Clean Person: 'Pits, Revisited

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