On The To-Do List Pie

Get a real job where the stress doesn't stem from poorly washed ice cream buckets or rotted lettuce and I feel like I'm not wasting my youth and can actually get decent pay and some kind of fulfillment- 100%, for years

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On Etymological Origins of Words Related to Insults

I LOVE CHUMP. Lately I have been calling people wangs a lot because too many people are being real wangs lately. This is great, I love it

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On Time to Find a New Drink

@adorable-eggplant ALLAGASH FV13 it is so good; my boyfriend bought the max number allowed when we visited the brewery but insists on calling "dead grandma beer" because it's the same batch they had in the big barrel when he visited the brewery with his family when they were in Maine for his grandma's funeral

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On I Don't Believe in Ghosts (So How Did the Empty Dog Kennel Break Down Our Door?)

I kind of don't believe in ghosts? I've never seen one but I am afraid if a ghost knew that it would show up just to prove me wrong, so I pretend to be ghost-neutral just in case

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On "Sitting to Death"

The Best Time I Went Through All Ten Rolfing Sessions Only to Re-Fuck Up my Back Within a Year

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On "Sitting to Death"

@does it need saying its just the cartilage attaching your ribs to your sternum that cracks; it's not bad in and of itself, but it's not great, either? More indicative of a problem (like my terrible posture, uhhhhhhh) than a problem in and of itself.

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On "Sitting to Death"

My posture is so bad my sternum cracks when I stand up straight but whatever, I'm a nursing student, I don't have time to make healthy decisions.

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On A Surprisingly Interesting Longread About Ticks

@Nutmeg oh also when I asked him if he got a rash he told me he did, but it was on his penis and he assumed it was a sex bruise

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On A Surprisingly Interesting Longread About Ticks

My boyfriend got Lyme disease and his heart literally stopped. He spent a week in the hospital and got a blowjob (not from me; we hadn't met yet) while hooked up to a heart monitor which is the most important part of the story of course

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On Okay, So, Remember That Post With the "Men's Health" Cover?

@TheBourneApproximation "became"

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