On My Correspondence with Spam Gary Sinise

Of course the first and only comment on this is a spam comment (from a repeat spam commenter too). Hairpin, can you do something about the high volume of spammers lately? I keep getting email notifications from ancient posts where spammers are replying to my old comments.

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On Future Islands, "Seasons (Waiting On You)"

If anyone hasn't seen the performance of this song on Letterman, look that ish up RIGHT NOW. Most memorable late-night-show performance in ages, and I hadn't even heard of this band before that.

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On Feminist Twitter Avatars

"Eat a bag of dicks...because it's the most efficient way to follow the updated FDA-approved nut-ritional guidelines"

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On Young Women Refusing to Commit (to Nun Life)

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On Young Women Refusing to Commit (to Nun Life)

Sidenote: it might just be my occasional ineptitude at distinguishing the dark green links from the black text, but I can't find a link to the original article in this post?

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On I Own a "Low-End Bicycle," and Other Things I Learned from the Dictionary of Numbers

@wallsdonotfall I was giggling pretty madly at that screenshot gallery. In public.

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On Friday Open Thread

@MollyculeTheory Got rejected from every school I'd applied to. Time for plan b!

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On Friday Open Thread

@wee_ramekin It's an epidemic!! I definitely don't want to date my fuckbuddies either (see: sleeping with my hottie/deadbeat drug dealer), and part of his garbled explanation for why he didn't want to hurt me had to do with him explaining that he's "not a good guy," like he was effing James Dean or something. You're good where it counts, buddy, the rest is pretty irrelevant for my purposes!

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On Friday Open Thread

I know it's late and Open Thread is long over (I have a new job where my computer screen faces out so everyone can see it and my Hairpin time has decreased by 500%) but I got a rant brewing.

Can we PLEASE get a moratorium on guys saying they "just don't want to hurt" us?? Especially when we're just talking about a casual sexual situation? SO disrespectful and autonomy-grabbing. I'm a grown lady, let me make my own decisions! I get that sometimes it's just a 'nicer' way of saying they want to end it for other reasons, but tonight when my FWB pulled that literally all it took was for me to say something along the lines of, "What? But I don't want to date you, I just want to bang. I like banging you!" for him to say, "Oh! Okay then, great, never mind, we're good!" WHYYYY do they need this weird reassurance, if I've already told you that I just want to hook up and not date then maybe, just maybe, that is actually what I meant? This is the third time this has happened to me and my bestie in as many months. The WORST. End rant, goodnight fair Hairpin, may you all be getting laid or not laid tonight according to your desires.

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On Fictional Businesses We'd Like to Open One Day, Part Deux

@fondue with cheddar Suite Child of Mine: a hotel-style long term daycare service

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