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I'm on YouTube!

I know it looks funny now, but honestly I could see it out the corner of my eye and I swear it was like right there. "It," haha, I don't even know what I mean either. Just a ... thing? Oh, and that's my friend Jan at the end. Lol I can't believe we're online! This is surreal. Holla at a pigeon who knows how to laugh at itself! READ MORE

The Week of March 14 - 18

-A Lady answered our questions about peach fuzz and terrible friends, A Dude told us to have sex with our bosses, and A Married Dude answered our questions in such a way that now all marriages going forward will be perfect. READ MORE

Lipstick I Will Eat

Ooh, these pretty new lip products — from a synthetic-, paraben-, and sulfate-free new line called Bite Beauty — are made from organic fruit concentrate, resveratrol (the stuff in wine that's good for you), and ... beetles! For coloring, since dyes are out, too. The description on Sephora says they're made with "ingredients that are healthy enough to eat," which I can't tell if that means you can eat the whole thing right away or what. READ MORE

Ask a Pigeon

Earlier today, a pigeon joined us. READ MORE

A Mom Weighs in on Her Daughter's Job as a Dominatrix

"I wanted to know what she thought about my work, and, since she’s a preacher, if she thought it clashed with our religion at all." —A sex worker interviews her mother about her job.