On Friday Open Thread

@Heat Signature and @Shara No advice on sports bras, but I just finished Couch to 5k and it is definitely doable for previously non-runners! In two months, I've gone from no running to running 3 miles every other day...

If you need support, I joined the UK's NHS forums and everyone is super nice and helpful there and they have fun british-accented podcasts: http://couchto5k.healthunlocked.com/

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On The Valentine's Pie

@redheaded&crazy ahh meryl's AWFUL kitchen...my favorite part of it's complicated is its accompanying wikipedia article and this quote: "Most scenes take place in the protagonist's home and interior courtyard, and as such the architectural details had to be fastidiously worked out, but the rooms were kept bare to reflect the character's functional tastes and limited budget." I wish I had that limited budget.

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On A Month Alone In: India

yes! this is the second time a mcspicy paneer burger has shown up on the hairpin...i submitted a picture of my half-eaten burger for that post on first pictures from your phone. anyway i'm a (non-white) american living in india if anyone has questions about getting around or traveling as a woman. i'd say it's like traveling in any conservative country, just cover up and be polite and ignore ignore ignore if people are staring at you.

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm super late to this thread but I just wanted to say that after the post on late people and time management came out a few weeks ago, I took everyone's advice on setting alarm clocks around the house and using my phone to time everything and it's working! I haven't been late to anything for two weeks, so thanks everyone! Go try it if you're a perpetually late person.

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On Friday Open Thread

@baked bean Oh! I also thought that, but then I got a kindle and found out that you can download free ebooks from your local library if they have an overdrive account. I haven't purchased an ebook since and have read more in 9 months than I did the past 4 years! But borrowing and used books are still awesome, too.

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On 'Pin Picks: Second Helpings

@bookbike Oh boy, I missed this too, but I think people send Nicole a list of their favorite books and she makes them a new book recommendation. It sounds awesome!

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

@joythemanatee Yes! Please do this, send an email to Edith and Jane! I'm looking at going from a BS and MEng into a Ph.D. in Public Policy using my background in engineering and I'd love advice.

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On How to Cope With a Break-Up

@SeaMoney help me california

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On Moms

@melis You're my third least-favorite child.

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On What if He's a Gay Serial Killer?

@youresmalltime Maybe I spent the morning doing exactly that.

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