On Assumptions

@Bayou This is the first time I have ever found other people afraid of escalators. Stick the landing and the dismount, ladies!

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On Assumptions

@etheline. My stepfather was one of those people! He barely slept for years! That shit happens!
But, it probably won't happen to you.

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On Jealousy Mutations and the 2.5 Days Game

@entangled That is such good advice. I would love to find that lecture. One of the methods I use is similar, and I try to identify jealousy as Fear when it comes up, instead of as a mysterious, powerful emotion. It helps me stop the crazy-town snowball effect if I can say "What am I afraid of? Am I braver than this fear?" (always say yes)

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On Jealousy Mutations and the 2.5 Days Game

So many of the commenters here are solid, intelligent, heart-feeling folks, and I'm interested to hear from those who have some input how you curb / stop jealousy. Do you believe that it really just comes down to once-and-for-all conquering your insecurity? Because, I have to say, I believe myself to be a relatively happy, confident person, and yet, there are times when I get bit by jealousy and all its frustration (I'm Not Crazy and I Love Other Women and Solidarity and I'm Better Than This Emotion Is Making Me Feel So Why?)
A curious lady wants to know. I really do think y'all are great. And I do not mean to detract for LW#1 or LW3 - I think this can help!

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On The Period Pie

YES. Jeez, I can't tell you the joy it brings my heart to hear my monthly surprise/indignation/science awe echoed.

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On The Period Pie

It's definitely INTENSE and sometimes too scary / violent for me if I'm in a fragile state. But, most of the time (as in, during most of my waking hours) I want to be watching Luther because the acting is supreme and their accents and intensity are stunning and hypnotic. And if Idris' face doesn't make you fall over, gnash your teeth, then there is also the absolutely brilliant Alice
In brief, yes - must watch - just maybe not if you are home alone at night feeling fragile to the dangers of the world

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On The Period Pie

@karenb @karenb
Samesies, except maybe swap Ellen for Luther ( IDRIS ELBA ) and sobbing for fist-fighting while crying. Oh, and cheesecake.
Can you believe this shit happens every month? And, can you believe Idris Elba's face? ME EITHER.

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On The Period Pie

@I AM DIAPHENA GIRL, PLEASE, YES. It is SO OK. Consider it a Litmus test for men who are to be slept with often. "Time to see if you're able to not to act like a big weirdo about this tiny little non-thing...and ready...GO!"
You're amazing! Forgetaboutit!

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On Amy Poehler and Will Arnett Are Done

@sugar cubism AL AND TIPPER BROKE UP?

That passage was perfect. I need to find the play.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Baseball Edition

I know this has been around a while, but just in case you ladies missed it, please do fall in love with this animated short video about Doc Ellis, the Pirates pitcher who pitched a no-hitter on LSD in 1970

Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No

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