On Two Ways to Order a Shake

@239097059@twitter YES this was shockingly absorbing for a piece about smoothie consistency

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 4:14 pm 1

On Costumes

This is so great! SPANDEX BODY SUITS!

But oh man there are so many people in this story who deserved to be flayed.

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On It Was Really Lovely Meeting You

@Pear tea Yes! This ended much too quickly--the piece, not the encounter.

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On The Heartland Pie

@idrathernot Forget hidden hatred, if this were an issue at all it would be an issue of representation. And it's THE MIDWEST, you guys! It's not the deep south! The south suffers from a serious representation issue, but the midwest? No one has ever referred to Minneapolis as a racist city full of nimrods, you know what I mean? (Apologies to Watersmeet, MI)

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