On Your Finger, It's So Long

"It's not just that they're more attractive, there are other perks too: Mr. Ring Finger is likely to be richer, and an 'extroverted go-getter with strong muscles,' and also he has 'a greater likelihood of playing a musical instrument.'"


"They're more promiscuous and have a 'higher chance of ending up in prison, being murdered or going mad.'"

Oh. Fuck you, science.

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On Ask a ______

Dear Saint Peter,

What was it like to be crucified upside down? Do you think it was more or less painful than being crucified rightside up? If you had it to do over again, would you just ask to be killed in the regular way? Also, will you let me into heaven when I am dead?

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On God Wants You Fat

Maybe getting inappropriately touched by Jeebus works up an appetite?

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On Jesus Puts His Hand In a Very Special Place

Evangelicals have all the fun.

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On Word of the Day

Somewhere, the ghost of John C. Lilly is spinning in his celestial sensory-deprivation tank.

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On Your Husband, Your God

Like I said to my wife years ago: loving each other gives us both the freedom to be our worst selves.

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On Smart People Have to Go to the Bathroom

Wow. They are really arguing that.

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On I Saw a Ghost (For Real)

Have you approached the producers of that Discovery TV show 'A Haunting' with this yet?

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On Men at the Gym Have Thoughts on My Reading Material

The time: Spring 2004

The place: the YMCA in Birmingham, Alabama

The book: '100 Years of Homosexuality,' the front cover of which displays two Roman centurions with their arms wrapped around each others' waists.

The response: Mostly disinterest, leavened with some grimacing eye-aversions.

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On Little Girl Thinks She Doesn't Want to Get Married -- But What If He Comes Running Out?

Well if it isn't little miss Aurora Leigh.
Am I wrong to be a little sad that we're still having this conversation 150 years later?

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