On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School — Lint and Static and Ironing, Oh My!

@Matt Couldn't have happened to a more awesome person. Made my entire fucking day.

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On The Scientifically Perfect Bloody Mary

Jolie! Recommendation on a brand of tomato juice, please?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Silver, Baking Sheets, and ... Wine Vomit

This column may actually get me through this period of Ms. Kerr's Lenten abstinence.

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On Ides of March Bloody Caesar Cupcakes

At the risk of bringing up an overly delicate subject, the current state of affairs between Ms. Kerr and the editors of the big brother to this site have had me in a STATE OF ANXIETY that I can't quite explain. I am glad to see I will still be able to read Ms. Kerr's work here.

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