Things the Internet Tells Me to Do That I Will Not Be Doing

Look amazing day & night.

Collect your candle wax in this glass vase.

Watch Nicolas Cage perform John Cage's 4'33".

Say hello to Kim Kardashian's baby bump.

Reach your full potential this year!

Attempt one colorful makeup moment a day.

Turn toward warming soups and away from raw salads. 

Take steps to secure your account.

Sample Girl Scout cookie–flavored beer.

Stop pretending you can make good pancakes without buttermilk.

Turn your utensils into beautiful and unexpected crafts.

Receive close mentoring and become part of the stimulating writing community.


Stop putting trees on skyscrapers.


Contrarian Movie Titles

Debbie Doesn't Dallas

Divine Secrets of the Nein-Nein Sisterhood

Spies Don't Like Us

A Kraftwerk Orange

The Cider House Blows

Animal Fifth-Floor Walkup

He's Just That Into You

In No Way Small Women

The Discreet Charm of the Proletariat

Casino Jim Beam

The Man Who Was Actually There the Whole Time

The Sixth Nonsense

Skeptic Pizza

Lamar Anderson doesn't Dallas either, but she'll Charleston if you ask nicely.

Conceptual Marriage Ceremonies for the Wedding-Averse

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Headlines to Use in the Event of Being Trapped Inside the Offices of a Bridal Magazine

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Romance-Novel Sentence Diagrams


Secrets of Kissing, Revealed

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What Was The Get Him System, Anyway?

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The Poetry of Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel, the bestselling novelist, also happens to be a published poet. In the '70s and '80s she sold poems to Cosmopolitan, McCall's, Ladies' Home Journal, and Good Housekeeping, and in 1984 Steel came out with the collection Love, which is the only (or at least the pinkest) mass-market paperback of poetry I have ever had in my possession. Doing away with author praise and marketing copy, the back cover is simply emblazoned with this line: EVERYBODY READS DANIELLE STEEL. And you should too. She has a lot to teach us! READ MORE

What’s in Cosmo for Guys, the iPad Magazine?

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Unusual Food Styling Scenarios From Brownie Chef Bev Shaffer

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