On Beauty Q&A: SMDH

Can we talk about shaving the upper lip some? I've never dared to raise a razor to my 'stache, but if Jane does it, I am intrigued. The depilatory creams stink and irritate my skin and I don't like waxing because of cost and letting it grow out in between visits. Currently I use hair removal cream like once every three weeks and give her a lil "bang trim" with tiny scissors when I'm getting the shadow :( I have pretty fair skin and dark hair. AH, so does anyone else have experience with shaving? Are there bound to be stubble issues?

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Strangers Have Said

#20 happened to me except it was 5 guys and they repeatedly shouted "FLAT ASS! FLAT ASS! FLAT ASS!" for a whole block.

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On Secrets of a Haunted House

@Lemonnier I went shopping for some new fall clothes this weekend and found myself slightly worried if the other (mostly high school age) shoppers could tell that I am TWENTY-SEVEN! Forever 21, indeed.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Significant Others Have Said: The Bracket

"I have a new girlfriend. She's like a really hot girl... Dating a hot girl is fun! From now on I'm only going to date hot girls!"
- while talking to an ex as "friends" after breaking up

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On The Case Against Vodka-Sodas

@likethestore Blueberry Stoli with soda and a lime is a party in your mouth! And I'm not even that into blueberries in general.

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On What It's Like to Get a Breast Reduction

@Ester Bloom@facebook Same here with DD-DDDs and I've been pretty ok with it, except for the fact that it's hard to find clothes and minor back pain. But now I've been sitting here thinking for the past hour, "oh! so that's why all the creeps would come up to ME and not my friends at last call!" and recalling other life events and blaming them on the boulders on my chest and so on, and now developing a complex... I'd never really thought my breasts affect the way people treat me, but maybe they do?!?!

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

@prizzzle YEP. This post has brought a surprising amount of resentment to the surface! My mom always told me the dolls were a ridiculous waste of money, and then years later bought my little sister a Samantha doll, when lil sis never even read the books! I totally dorked out on all the books and even read the end parts about the real life back then. My sister just wanted Samantha for the reasons above. Oh, and my sister got one of those little babies in the back of the catalog as well! grrrr!
Also, I was a Felicity girl because I wanted red hair and this is spot on with the uniqueness complex.

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On In Which, Koko-Like, We Could Not Communicate Effectively

Yeah, I started internet dating at 13 in 1998 with AOL! After a year of late night phone calls and exchanging photos via USPS (!!) I met my first love IRL at the mall and it was definitely VERY AWKWARD, but we proceeded to meet a few more times to make out in movie theaters until he dumped my ass on Superbowl Sunday. And it goes without saying all my friends thought I was a total dweeb and did not understand why I talked to boys "from the computer" instead of going to dances.

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On Peach Fuzz, Monogamous Nonrelationships, and Friends Like Pippy

I guess I had the unicorn of monogamous nonrelationships, because my dude did that for a whole year (a whole year of awesomeness, fun, good sex, etc. and "i just don't want a girlfriend right now") before deciding he was in love and wanted to have a real BFGF deal with me. We've been together six years now and everything is good! I still get a funny feeling in my stomach if I think too much about that first year so I try not to...it doesn't matter if everything is fine now, right? :/

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