On Black Honey and Me

Black Honey was among my first lipsticks, although I was also like 27, and I learned about ON THIS VERY SITE from the one and only Ms. Jane Marie.

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On I Can't Wear Heels

1. Haley, please tell US what happened to that pencil skirt.
2. Walking slow is my #1 reason to avoid heels, even though I feel mostly confident walking without spraining an ankle. Mostly this is because of MEN, who can walk at a clip in the professional flat shoes and are already so skilled at ignoring women's needs.

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On Where the Girls Were: A 1965 Taxonomy of Coeds

Indeed, Vassar FTW! I would love to see more of this too.

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

@ohmy I'm in Chicago too, having a bit of trouble breathing.

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On A Brief Introduction

Emma, I will be honest: all the changes have made me a bit nervous. But I am excited to have you -- a fellow Vassar alum and smart lady -- to keep things going.

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On Manicured Lawns, Grizzled Veterans

Did anyone else read this as though it was our latest selection from Poetry Magazine? Just me? Ok then.

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On "July the First Is When We Say Goodnight"

Ha! I loved when he rhymed "us" with "plus" but his accent wouldn't let him.

I'm sort of using Feedly, though its interface feels a bit too slick for me and my view settings don't stick. I guess I'll get used to it. :-/

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On Friday Open Thread

@Decca Oh gosh, thank you for the warning. I often listen on my way to work or other places where I should not be feeling incredibly down, but I'll save the monologue for a time when I'm by myself and able to appreciate her. I fucking love her so much, like how willing she was to put her feelings out there when her friend died.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Theda Baranowski -- My preference is the 19th, though 18th also works.

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On Major Lazer, "Watch Out for This (Bumaye)"

There should a policy that prevents super awesome summer jams from being released in February. Why isn't it June RIGHT NOW?

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