By LaLoba on Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

i love Emma for its troublesomeness and difficulty and unwillingness to be what we want it to be; and I love Persuasion for its perfection and for Captain Wentworth and Aunt Prudence and the awful father and the dark halls and the trip to Bath. But in both of those there are the BEST scenes of hyperbolic inconvenience turned to tragedy and horror: being "attacked" by gypsy children in Emma and the WALL SCENE in Persuasion.

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By werewolfbarmitzvah on Last Night's Chats

Biden Biden Biden! True fact: I like Biden more than I like Obama (in 2008 I made the mistake of admitting that fact on Facebook one day, and a lot of people got mad). I like Biden so much, I wish I lived in a sitcom in which Biden was my meddlesome apartment super, who dropped in unexpectedly every day to offer sage life wisdom and eat all the leftovers out of the fridge.

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By New Hoarder on Last Night's Chats

@Nicole Cliffe From your companion The Awl, "... While Biden just lustily kisses his wife for three hours, brings her to multiple orgasms, and then tucks her in before retiring to the garage to rebuild an outboard motor. There's a mirror in the garage, a Dogfish Pale Ale mirror a constituent gave him, and after rebuilding the engine, he gives the mirror a quick wink and thumbs up."

And that's NOW. Imagine 40+ years ago!

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By Nicole Cliffe on Last Night's Chats

That strapping young Biden could get you in the back of his Chevy AND be completely supportive of your subsequent decision-making process. Rowr.

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By julia on I'm in Love

@TheRobyn As someone in a LTR, I know what she means. Not "you don't want to" in the "I am saying no" sense, but don't want to in the other person is in the mood and you're not really in the mood, but yeah ok we can start & see where it goes oh wait now I'm in the mood.

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By Lily Rowan on The Worst Moment in Last Night's The Newsroom

@Emby It should always be pronounced so the Mister Rogers character Donkey Hodie makes sense as a pun.

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By Emby on The High-School Cafeteria Where "Everyone's Beautiful"

@New Hoarder I would expect nothing less from a guy whose name is literally Bro.

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By olivebee on One Afternoon in Williamsburg

The illustration of the cat hanging off the screen reminds me of the one of the funniest things I have ever seen my cat do. My husband and I were sitting on our back deck, and our [indoor] cat was whining to come out with us. So we thought, what the heck, and let her out. She very apprehensively came out, sniffed around a bit, and decided she was terrified of the outdoors. So then she turned around to face the back door, ran at it full speed, and launched herself at it so that she ended up just hanging by her claws about halfway up the screen door. We couldn't stop laughing, so we just let her hang there like a tapestry for a minute or two.

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By Ialdagorth on Drinking Vinegar

Oh my god, is this where I can admit my weird vinegar-drinking childhood thing? I loved it for some reason, I don't know. At church in Sunday School one day our teacher passed around these little cups of vinegar for us to try, because it's the only thing they gave Jesus to drink during the crucifixion and we were supposed to feel bad because ew, so gross, aw, poor Jesus. But I drank mine and like, three other kids' little cups and I just remember my sunday school teacher looking at me with this grave, confused disappointment. Because I was clearly "Not Getting It".
I mean I don't drink it NOW. Although apparently it's ok to do suddenly.

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By atipofthehat on Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota


He was tired from explaining the real meaning of high school football.

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