By stonefruit on All Hail the New Government, Composed Entirely of Squirrels, Robins and One Elusive Fox

oh and another thing, here is my obligatory comment that donating to your local foodbank is a great way to help low-income folks get more of the food they need in the wake of entitlement programs being halted.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on The Glittery Fountain In the Sky, Staying Closeted For Your Career, and Lesbian FOMO

You know, as a gay person who really enjoys gay-friendly spaces, I have an issue with people pressuring the bisexuals in hetero-looking relationships from coming to such places. They are friendly places, and that's why I go - that same friendliness should apply to all queer people, across the board. This biggest issue is that everyone needs to be respectful, especially the straight-seeming man who might not know what it means how special it is to a safe haven because everywhere is "safe" for him. Just understanding and respecting that is key. But I can't imagine my life without my bi friends. The rainbow would be a lot less colorful.

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By lucy snowe on The Glittery Fountain In the Sky, Staying Closeted For Your Career, and Lesbian FOMO

I love your advice to the last writer. I had a ridiculously long post I was going to make, but I've deleted it in favor of simply saying I so appreciate this:

" I know that queer and bisexual people in straight-looking relationships often feel pressure (from both the gay and straight sides of the line) to disappear into the mainstream—because it's easier, because you don't have to offer explanations everywhere you go, because it makes everyone else so much more comfortable. But since when was it your responsibility to make everyone else comfortable?"

Thank you for that.

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By StandardTuber on There Is No Good Reason for SNL Not to Cast a Black Female Comedian

This video reminds me of The Hollywood Shuffle.

It would be great to see more than one POC in mainstream (i.e. not labelled "ethnic" or "urban") comedy. Mad TV and In Living Color had such great casts, but it seems like no show can touch the hyper-flame of SNL. Why? Is it just because it's been around the longest?

There are so many "brown" actors/actresses who work in multiple ethnic roles, also. It'd be funny to see that portrayed in this same vain.

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By ambalot on Welcome to Stoner's Laundry

Beautiful! This was such a wonderful piece.
I'm from Colorado Springs and I remember this place-- I used to pass it a lot while doing political canvassing and I went to school down the street. So fun to see Colorado Springs pop up on The Hairpin!

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By laurel on Welcome to Stoner's Laundry

Love love love.

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By adorable-eggplant on Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by Not Letting Random Guys Get Credit for Your Work

I once made a roller coaster out of noodles for a women in STEM (engineering? Who knows, I was a mere tween) sleep away camp. If only there were pictures, I'm sure they would be massively embarrassing.

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By shiv on "How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden—and how to reclaim it"

God, yes, finally. Dominating the current system should not be the goal of the oppressed, it will only serve to oppress someone else. Our system was not built for equality. We need to be the ones to overturn it entirely.

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By nina! on Ask a Three-Year-Old: Heartbreak

3-year-old, I would give your practice a good Yelp review. (alt text, guys) This was really perfect.

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By Vipros on Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

@BoatGirl because everyone smoked

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