On Friday Open Thread

@christonacracker Being in love is better than underpants!

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Have an honest discussion about how horrible that makes you feel. And tell him to get on board - at least on the outside - or get out. Does he want you to get better? Does he even recognize your condition as a legit medical issue?
I'm more concerned about that last point - if he thinks that the treatment is quackery, what does he think of the ailment?
And obviously, see the therapist. I am currently searching for one myself, on the advice of my GP. She recommends therapy over medication in my particular case, though we are experimenting with a combination of the two right now.
Please take care of yourself. It is priority number one. That means surrounding yourself with people who want you to get better. I hope your boyfriend can realize how he's hurt you, and be more supportive in the future.

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On Friday Open Thread

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Last semester my doctor and I suspected I had thyroid issues but it turned out to be severe stress (all my symptoms miraculously went away when I handed in my last assignment and cut down on my work hours!).
So even if it isn't thyroid or otherwise test-able, it could be something solveable. Good luck.

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On Friday Open Thread

Joyeuses Pâques, mes amies!

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On Get This Look: Household Appliances

@allofthewine If I bought that, my savings would be toast.

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On Get This Look: Household Appliances

@Miss Dashwood Yeah, there's a reason that in countries with lower population density aka bigger homes (but high enough GDP that they can afford washing machines), hardly anyone uses the 2-in-1s. I was looking to get a washer and dryer set for my apartment, but when I found out that I would have to rewire the whole place to allow a separate dryer, I looked into them.
But they don't dry your clothes well and (like all dryers) are pretty bad for your stuff. So I just dry everything on a wire rack, for free.

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On Get This Look: Household Appliances

@Dana J. Gipson With that kind of money, just imagine how many Kitchen Aid stand mixers she has! With bread hook accessories!

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On Ask a Jeweler

But Labradorite does have something in common with the puppies, because the puppies were also named after Labrador the place!

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On Ask the Non-Squalid

Pay your freelancers, Edith. I don't want to have to navigate the Gawker network commenting system, it's why I left there in the first place.
Oh well.

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On Depression, Mothers-in-Law, Friendzones

@skyslang I just think that our culture fetishizes the "supportive family" (usually female). If you "stand by your man" while he has cancer you're a saintly Florence Nightingale, but if it's difficult for you it doesn't make you the villain.
What if your husband had lung cancer. You support him, work with him through chemo...but he won't stop smoking. Yes it's an addiction, but no one should blame you if you decide to cut out because you don't want to go through it again. Mental illness is the same.

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