On Welcome to Ross Douthat's Book Club

Lilly Bart (could have been saved had she too only behaved): “She had been bored all afternoon by Percy Gryce... but she could not ignore him on the morrow, she must follow up her success, must submit to more boredom, must be ready with fresh compliances and adaptibilities, and all on the bare chance that he might ultimately decide to do her the honour of boring her for life.”
― Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth

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On Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

Cat litter, the clumping kind.

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On Things I Learned About Children on a Recent Flight Out of Orlando

I can't wait to hear what happended to you next (in your destination)!

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On The Best Time I Had a Misunderstanding in a Foreign Country

Yes, I have seen "Crap" soup on menus as well.

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On I Now Pronounce You Swine and Infidel

So should this really be reported as the innocent "foreign (Swiss) couple" being subjected to horrors by "the locals" (assuming native, people of the Maldives)? Could this not be a video of some jerk-of-a-"wedding officiator" acting in his own way, acting personally-- and not at all be reflective of the people of the Maldives on the whole-- as is implied?

And could it be the case that those that posted the video of the situation have an axe of their own to grind by providing "proof" of their maltreatment? What might motivate others to use (globally accessible) postings on You Tube (with captions/translation, no less) to provide evidence that people (from a land where Islam dominates- the Maldives) are the way they are portrayed in this video?

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On All Dudes Learned How to Dress and It Sucks

MARY!! You are embarrassing us, again (with your always awesome observations)!! No seriously ... if anyone would know, you would-- but giving credit where credit is due-- Where else but in NYC can you learn how to dress WELL (just by looking around at what everyone else has on) in like a week or two? And, where else can the dudes shop at Bergdorf Goodman Men's store by just walking over there? I can tell you right now that guys in other cities are STILL wearing cargo shorts, some with (wince) pleats, and NO ONE has their trousers rolled up. So enjoy it in NYC, and please please please continue to keep us posted on what you see. It's motivating.

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On Welcome to the Hairpin!

CONGRATS LADIES!!!!! How exciting! Love it!

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