On Are You a Grown Woman? An Informal Survey

"Adulthood means being able to own a dog. That kind of stability." This sums it up for me! I am getting closer, but I'm not there.

Also, oddly - living alone, which I could only do when I was financially more stable, has really brought out the grungy, pants-optional, oversleeping, eating dinner in bed while watching bad reality TV kid in me.

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On Anna Gunn's Defense of Skyler White

Is this the appropriate place to discuss Marie and her purple zebra-striped chair?

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On Friday Open Thread

@RK Fire Woooo thanks! I am looking at Mt. Vernon and my sister used to live in Charles Village. (I don't know anything about Baltimore buses, but am totally up for bus-riding.) I'm also trying to figure out what's reasonable rent for Baltimore, since I'm coming from DC and nothing is reasonable here at all...

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On Friday Open Thread

Any Baltimore 'pinners? I may be moving for a job downtown (close to the Bromo Seltzer tower), and would love input on apartments that are either walkable or Light Rail-able or shuttle-able. I have been living in DC for the last several years, and I'm reluctant to give up my non-car commute.

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On Friday Open Thread

@AMc Hahaha but sadly this is part of my job...sigh

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On Friday Open Thread

@charmcity Sorry for the novel!!!

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On Friday Open Thread

@blueberry mary I am not in NY and this is all going to vary from state to state, but starting on October 1*, you will be able to shop for insurance policies online through your state's "exchange" which is just a fancy way of saying website-that-will-allow-you-to-compare-insurance-policies. (It's supposed to be like Priceline or something.) Unlike the shit show shell game that individual plans are right now, where companies purposefully mess with you by shifting costs from deductible to co-pay to co-insurance to premiums and making it impossible to compare, ALL plans on the marketplace are going to be categorized as platinum, gold, silver, or bronze. Bronze plans are designed to cover 60% of your costs (w/ higher co-pays and deductibles to make up for lower premiums) all the way up through silver to gold to platinum (higher premiums, lower out of pocket costs, should cover 90%). All plans will have to provide "minimum essential coverage," meaning that they provide all ten of the essential health benefits in the law (ambulatory services, ER coverage, inpatient hospital, maternity/labor/newborn care, mental health/substance abuse, Rx, rehab, lab tests, preventive care, and pediatric care.)

In addition to being able to compare and contrast the plans' costs, the exchanges will screen you to see if you are eligible for help paying for them. The help comes in three flavors: Medicaid, premium assistance, and cost-sharing assistance. If your income is under 200% of the federal poverty limit, or $1800ish/mo, you get Medicaid and you will have comprehensive insurance for very little out of pocket cash. If you are between 200-250% of FPL, you get help with your co-pays and deductibles and premiums, but still have to buy a private policy b/c your income is too high for Medicaid. If you are between 200-400% of FPL, you get premium assistance. All of this is based on an estimate of your 2014 taxable earnings.

It's complicated but every state is getting grant money to contract out to non-profits, churches, etc. etc. to train in-person assisters who will sit with you and take you through this process if you want. I am going to bet that there is not enough funding to hire enough people, especially in NYC or other big cities, though.

*Coverage will begin Jan. 1, 2014, so if you wait for Obamacare, you will not have insurance until 5.5 months from now

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On The Marriage Pie

@fondue with cheddar haha I am American, too! He is [one of] our national shame[s].

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On The Marriage Pie

@fondue with cheddar get rid of your scalias, america. they are revolting.

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On The Marriage Pie

100% pissing off Antonin Scalia

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