On A Controversial Ranking of Mr. Darcys

Hey you have a typo!

You misspelled 'Colin Firth' in the last entry, the one for best Mr Darcy ever!

List should read:

3: Colin Firth
2: Colin Firth
1: Colin Firth

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It used to be just called 'marriage' and it was a great way to keep the women around in situations they didn't want to be in.

We are Not religious and we agreed beforehand that not being into it anymore was not a legit. reason to split up. That understanding has served us well through some tough times (over 15 years now).

But there is NO WAY we'd give that power to the state. Be specially the freaking state of LA!

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On Terminator: Sure, Why Not

I can't get myself to get over that the whole point of Sarah Connor is that we need her because her SON is going to save the world.

Break out the shotguns! We need to protect this uterus!

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On Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Um? Boys played this too, at least in my elementary schools. In fact, I remember learning about LAAFSAAB from my brother.

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On The Best Time I Attended Mass At The Vatican While Drunk

Pretty sure St. Peter's is a Basilica not a cathedral? It's way worse to throw up in a basilica. I remember that from Catholic high school.

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On Anger Problems and The Trivia Superteam

If you were a guy who insisted on telling a guy that the music he liked was boring you would be an asshole. If you were a guy who insisted on telling a girl the same you'd be an asshole. A girl telling a guy ? Still an asshole .

Or maybe just really socially awkward.

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On 36 Hours in San Antonio If You’re From There

That was really mean what you said about Jeannie.

But it's okay because she thinks the same thing about you.

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On Talking to Heather Doney and Rachel Coleman About Child Abuse, the Quiverfull Movement and Homeschooling Policy Reform

There are a ton of us out here who are neither fundies nor hipsters. A lot of us are educated folks who see the public school model as great, but see the opportunities our kids get as homeschoolers as even better.

My kids are 3-5 grade levels ahead in math, 6 -8 years ahead in reading, and you wouldn't believe their elocution skills. We do it all in 3 hours a day of 'work'. The rest of the time? Museums, Soccer with other kids (of all ages), Math Club, Science Team, Debate Team, camping, a state and national level traveling sports team, reading, chess, reading, and just flat out messing around down by the lake.

Our neighbors kids do public school from 7am to 4pm (bus to bus), then have another 2 hrs of homework. In their free time they play video games and nothing else. At school their 'age-appropriate' socialization is the usual unsupervised hazing, bullying, and mean-girls bs that we all remember and hated in middle-school. Learning to navigate The Lord of the Flies culture that is public middle school, or the football-jock culture that is public high school is teaching them exactly what now?

Also, quit being sexist. There are quite a few of us Dads who stay at home while mom works.

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