On Unfriending en Masse

@metametadata It bugs me that Facebook gives hateful people this false sense of anonymity, I really think 90% of those people would never spew the same nonsense in "real life".
A girl I knew from high school who seemed normal, if a little boring sometimes, posted "My president is black and so are the next four years.", when Obama was elected. She got a swift unfriend from me. And then she tried to re-friend me a few months later! Why??

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@leastimportantperson Ah, sisters! My sister and I live far apart but whenever we talk on speaker phone, my boyfriend likes to point out that our speech patterns and voices start to sound alike.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

My Grandfather used to shout, "I am a veteran!" at every tollbooth worker as he drove through. He had me convinced that this was a secret password until I eventually realized he just had one of those electronic passes.

He would also answer the telephone by saying "Ahoy!". Every time. He was awesome.

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On The First Sandra Lee: Poppy Cannon and Her Can-Opener Cuisine

@PistolPackinMama I'm with you on this. Cooking and eating was always a family thing for me growing up, so it's definitely something I find comforting in my adult life.

I wouldn't presume to judge others' lives, but I guess I just want them to know it IS possible, at least, to cook a healthy, quick meal with relative ease and not a lot of money. But what they do with that knowledge is up to them. In my experience, there are a lot of folks (..my friends) who didn't know that NOT using a cake mix was even an option.

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On The First Sandra Lee: Poppy Cannon and Her Can-Opener Cuisine

@bonnbee I totally agree. I fully admit that I am a person who enjoys cooking and trying recipes and I know not everyone is like that, and I can appreciate that. I have a lot of friends who think I am some kind of sorcerer/insane person who enjoys the challenge of making things from scratch.

My problem with Sandra Lee is not HER, per se, but rather the message that because people are busy, they're somehow incapable to create healthy, easy meals quickly. If you keep your pantry stocked with basics and lots of fresh veggies, it isn't too hard to whip up something good. It does take time to learn the basics and lots of trial and error, but nobody expects you to spend every waking minute in the kitchen either. And it is possible to do rather cheaply if you do some research.

Ughhhh, I don't want to sound like a snob either. Kraft mac and cheese holds a special place in my heart and sometimes I use pre-packaged broth and sometimes I just say FUCK IT and order a pizza. I guess my point is that cooking doesn't have to be this SUPER IMPOSSIBLE TASK FOR ONLY FANCY PEOPLE. I work full-time/make crap money but I manage to cook a decent meal a few times a week at least for myself and my boyfriend. I just hate the implication that people like me are the exception, when I think it could so easily be the rule.

Plus cooking requires drinking wine simultaneously. So..

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On Gifts, Brolessness, and More Grad School From the Underworld

@Goodness Me! These 'Pinners above have said it better than I could, but I just want to lend my support to you! Go girl, get out of that relationship - he is cruel and abusive and you deserve so, so much better. It will be hard and awful but place your self-worth and respect above anything else! We're all here for you!

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On How to Write a Resume, Part One: Practices to Avoid

@elizabeast I hear you girl! I just put in my notice (!!!) at my miserable job that I've been trying to leave for 2 years. I know how discouraging it is, keep at it, you'll find something amazing!

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On Friday Open Thread

@DH@twitter Call your bank and see if they will reverse the fees! Most banks will do this once a year if you have no previous overdraft offenses. This happened to me at a particularly shitty moment last year, I overdrew some piddly amount and before I could just transfer the money from my savings to cover it they smacked me with fees. But I called and explained the situation and the nice man just put my money back in my account!

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On Inadvertently Mocking the Dead

@Inkcrafter Ohhhhhhhhhh now I definitely can't eat that Rice Krispie treat I bought on my lunch break...

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On Down to You

@vanillawaif Hilarious! I didn't this was a thing but it's so great I'm not alone! My friends have yet to let me live that infamous text message down.
Ahhhh dudes and their contradictions! He is (obviously) a juicebox who deserved that voicemail from you. Also, after I told that story to my boyfriend we tried brainstorming about a 2012 catchphrase but haven't come up with anything yet.

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