On I Own a "Low-End Bicycle," and Other Things I Learned from the Dictionary of Numbers

**Romney money that has been reported

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On "E-mail is the worst." - The New York Times

@z(oo)mm Emails are great for documenting everything, which is why I prefer them. My other issue with phone calls is that they require an answer right away - which I may not always have. If I get a phone call and don't know who is on the other end, I am wary to answer because I don't want to be put on the spot. I'd rather listen to a message and get back to them when I have a proper answer. Plus, as others have mentioned, it can be distracting - if you are working on something and have to stop to answer the phone, which may be an unrelated subject matter question.

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On "E-mail is the worst." - The New York Times

@laserbeams Stop describing my life. CONSTANT answers, on a Blackberry, ALWAYS - and they never make sense. They only address one small part of the several points raised in the email, and even then usually have not understood the question correctly and give an answer that I'm already well aware of.

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On Drynuary: What and Why

@phenylalanine Oooh, yours sounds fun though.

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On Stephen King is Writing a Sequel to "The Shining"

@bgprincipessa (you can't tell me Abra is a COMMON name now, c'mon.)

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On Stephen King is Writing a Sequel to "The Shining"

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood
Abra from East of Eden (Aron's girlfriend....ish)
Stone from ASoIaF

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On 'Pin Picks: Eight is Not Enough

Not one person has mentioned Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting with the siblings-listing thing?!

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On Out of the Mouths of Babes

The zebra guy looking for aces.... I hope this is a recurring series.

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On Be More Careful About My Reading Lists

@blahstudent YES for not finishing books you don't like! It's not worth it - there are too many other awesome things out there to be wasting your time. If it's been a week and you've read 2 pages, it's a good sign that you should just move on. Not every book is for everyone.

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On Is Any Fruit Perfect?

@olivebee Isn't that band from Juno called The Moldy Peaches?

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