On Why Aren't You Watching "Paris Is Burning" at This Exact Minute?

I love this movie so, so much.

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On Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

@HeyThatsMyBike I came in here to ask that. Tried Googling it already.

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

#3, ugh, my best friend's parents split up while we were in grad school and first he asked me out (GROOSSSS!) and then he started dating a woman who was two years younger than my friend and I, and five years younger than her brother, who he eventually married. We all tried to be pleasant and nice but she ended up causing a lot of drama because as a 23 year old woman married to a man in his sixties, she obviously felt a little odd with his friends, and she didn't fit in with us because she tried to be "mom" to people that were older than her. They ended up getting divorced (I'm guessing shortly after she got her green card).

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On And Now You'll See Them Everywhere

How did tintinnabulation not make it into the Ts bracket? I'm outraged.

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

Girls always say that a sense of humor is the most important thing? I did not know that.

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On Charlotte's Web, Sixty Years On

How did I never realize that it's the same EB White that wrote Elements of Style as Charlotte's Web?

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On Never-Complainers, Workaholics, and the Balding-and-Manly

Thank you for this last line to #3:
"Never chase someone off because you think they can’t handle what you’re going through."
This is so true, and I had to deal with this recently with a guy that I really liked. He was afraid to tell me what he was going through and instead pushed me away and made me wonder who the other woman was. When he finally told me that he had serious depression, I was like, oh, is that all? I used to work with schizophrenics, it doesn't scare me.

Also, #4, that guy should just man up, take off the baseball caps, and tell everyone to STFU. Bald is sexy. Being self-conscious about it is not.

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On The Perks of Herpes

My best friend from college got herpes in high school, and she's happily married with two kids now. So apparently life does go on. She found someone wonderful and so will you, HSV+ girl.

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On Life and Taxes

My dad used to do my taxes for me and never got me much back. Then my ex-fiance did them one year and got me $2000, which I told my father about joyously. As expected he gave me the lecture about not letting the government make money off your money and my ex yelled out, "She would have just spent it on beer anyway!" Which was true, but not necessarily something you tell your future father-in-law. (This is, however, not why he's my ex.)

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On The Return of Ghost

@sox Nope, it was on *my* birthday. :'(

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