On Friday Open Thread

@discombobulated I also bought a sapphire for my engagement ring this weekend! High five!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Danzig! That is excellent advice. Time to polish up the old resume. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

I am not a habitual Hairpin commenter because I generally read after I get home from work and everyone has left, but I got laid off yesterday along with 25% of my office and now I have nothing but free time.


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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@parallel-lines On the subject of curve ID and black jeans, has anyone else noticed that the sizing really varies by color/fabric? I have the demi curve straight jeans in black and blue and my black ones fit a little snug, despite being a size bigger than the blue ones which are slightly too big for me. WTF, Levis. WTF. (That said, I totally love curve ID, because my hips and my waist do not generally agree about what size I am and also they come in a 34" inseam, which is my JAM.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit My favorite (34F so not crazy narrow on the back but I feel you on the big rack front) is the fantasie smoothing strapless (I also love love love the version with straps). Stays up well over the course of the evening without being too pinchy. You can order it from many places online, though I have had good luck with Fig Leaves and Her Room. I think I bought this particular one from Amazon though. Looks like the band sizes start at 30, if that would work for you. Cups up to a G for most band sizes.

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On How to Train for a Half Marathon and Somehow Still Gain Weight

@parallel-lines @upupandaway That Nova episode is awesome, and last time I checked, available on Hulu.

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On More Frightening Things to Read

@melmuu I did too! They were extremely rad.

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On Mizzzzzz

@wee_ramekin I live in California and was getting ready to totally disagree with you about whether cashiers would say "man," but then I noticed you were all over that. :-) SF cashiers /totally/ call me "man" sometimes!

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On Mizzzzzz

@VDRE My mother has a PhD and my dad doesn't, but even THE UNIVERSITY THAT GAVE MY MOTHER THE DEGREE has sent them mail addressed to Dr. and Mrs. Mylastname. Aggravating!

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On Friday Open Thread

@sophi Vicodin is not my friend either, so when I had my wisdom teeth out, I asked for demerol instead, which is how I learned that demerol is AWESOME. A+, would take again.

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