On The Irish Exit Chronicles

@Sarah Rain Nothing!! The scene is early in the movie; Romy and Michele have not yet realized that it's what's on the inside that counts. Romy's exit isn't even really an Irish one, but you have to admire her on-the-spot creativity and attention to detail.

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On This Is Sober Sex

This is just so wonderful. Thank you!

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On Ask a Psychic

@Das Rad Do I believe that psychic intuition is real? I really don't know, and I apologize if the interview came across as a ringing endorsement of it. I certainly didn't mean for it to. Do I think that Pat believes in what she's doing? Absolutely, just as I feel that many religious people believe whole-heartedly in the ideas they espouse. I find Pat's devotion to her work compelling, and I think that her perspective, while justifiably controversial, is thought-provoking and kind of beautiful. That's why I did the interview.

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