On The Bestworst Guy

@Emmanuelle Cunt I'm gonna guess nobody.

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On Loneliness, Mistakes, and the Inner Questionnaire

@fabel It could also be a situation where the guy feels like a third wheel already. I'm a bit suspicious of the "We're all best friends!" angle. Having spent a good portion of my life as that guy, I would feel like, "Oh great, not only am I just a sidecar to them, they would actually rather not have me here at all." If the guy's lonely already, it just rubs salt in the wound.

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On Dates and Dates

@ohmy I'm pretty sure the "you don't have photos of yourself topless in a mirror." is a joke. A lot of women have that in their profiles to filter out certain types of guys.

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On So We're Not Going to Live Happily Ever After

This whole thing makes 100% sense to me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@paddlepickle Meet for coffee or a quick day-date type thing. Keep it unromantic. Maybe, "I'm really busy these days, but we can hang out for a while in the waiting room of my gynecologist's office." Then when your name gets called, turn around and say, "Fingers crossed!"

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On High School Things

@Katzen-party It just seems like an odd band too have slipped through. Why not the Gin Blossoms or Toad the Wet Sprocket?

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On High School Things

The Cranberries? Really?

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On Friday Open Thread

Can I self-promote for a second? (Sorry) Next Thursday, a movie I made is premiering in Boston, and you should come! (and pay for a ticket). Brattle Theater, 7:30. partylikeitsaverb.com

I'll crawl back under my anonymous rock now.

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On Faking, Other Women, and the Top 50 Proposal Jokes

@KatieWK People lie because we're all above average. I feel like I'm 6'2". When you meet me, I'm sure you'll feel like it too. Just make sure it's a bar where you can sit down. A lot of people genuinely are delusional about how the rest of the world sees them. I think it's helpful for them.

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On Down to You

I'm pretty sure a Skinner Box would fix 90% of this.

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