On The Wall: Lessons From a Family Lawyer

I have practiced both in the public and private sectors and understand first hand the challenges of limited resources. It is sloppy to not take 5 minutes to find the location of a court room for such a critical hearing. Getting angry at Darlene seems odd, a 19 year old with an infant. I would understand compassion or concern but "fury"? Fretting over a lost weekend? But, hey, we all lawyer in different ways.

Posted on February 26, 2014 at 11:07 am 0

On The Wall: Lessons From a Family Lawyer

I find this excerpt bizarre. Any junior attorney knows to obtain all the details about any court proceeding and to extensively prep a client. How could the proceeding be a blur? As an attorney, your role is to be focused on the proceedings. Further, being a professional in part means focusing on your client’s needs, not your own. You should know better five years out. I hope there is some satire in asking about whether Darlene knew that she ruined your weekend. If not, you need to build that referenced wall between you and your clients a lot higher. I also hope you’re a better lawyer today for the sake of your clients.

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