On Lent Is Capitalized

@musicello11 Perhaps you can find a generic brand "Cocoa Hazelnut Spread" ala Trader Joes? Or is the French cocoa spread market probably monopolized with Nutella?

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On Lent Is Capitalized

@julia That was my new years resolution!! It has been hard except I have made so many horrible red marks that aren't healing at the end of last year that I think I might have cured myself of it. I don't want anymore of those.. Do you have any new habits that are going to help you to not pick?

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On Lent Is Capitalized

@tortietabbie It really does taste better than microwave popcorn even before you put anything on it! Plus it is SO much cheaper, you get a bag of kernels and that will last you a long time!

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On Ask a Clean Person: Sweat, Dye, Must, and Onions

@Nicole@twitter I have noticed that too! I use Tom's now, even if I am kinda stinky by the end of the day, I'd rather be a little stinky than ruin my clothes. Just get some little rollerball perfume or something to keep in your purse if you really need it!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Bad Hat

@Too Much Internet Really? Converse remind me so much of junior high! I feel like Vans take the Converse and make it a little more wearable for more situations. I love the simple all black shoe on my dude. But he always usually wears it with all black/grey outfit which I find especially attractive. http://shop.vans.com/catalog/Vans/en_US/style/oyc.html?categoryId=91108#variation-1

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On Are You Seeing Young Adult This Weekend?

I don't know about you ladies but Charmaine from United States of Tara was an amazing character for such a short lived show. Charmaine needs her own show, dare I say? I have a feeling she is similar to this Charlize character, the DID issues aside, if you haven't seen that show watch some of the first season for Charmaine. (Don't bother with the third season.) I know people like to hate on Diablo Cody but Tara and Charmaine's relationship was so real and fun to watch, I can't hate on that.

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On Beauty Q&A: Face Makeup and Simple Baubles

face makeup q to anyone still out there reading this: do I put on my concealer before or after foundation?

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On Beauty Q&A: Face Makeup and Simple Baubles

@dotcommie I thought I would throw this out there for people that are acne prone. I am and my skin gets real dry in the winter and from acne meds as Jane mentioned, I often want to slather vaseline all over my face. However it does contain parabens and a little thing called petroleum, so I try to use it only my lips if I have to.. But Alba makes an "un-petroleum" jelly. I think Carol's Daughter makes one too. http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=alba+un-petroleum+jelly&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=6687748287&ref=pd_sl_ezzny8pwx_b

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On Eggless Nogs, Why Not

@parallel-lines I love it too, I don't particularly care how close it is to real nog or not. I could drink one carton a day of that shiz. I tried the Silk Pumpkin Spice nog and it is not as good so if you see it save your money.

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On What Dogs Want

My dog would like some peanut butter stuffed squirrels. He demands it daily.

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