On BLAH Magazine's Spring Issue: Let's Get Equi-Noxious

feeling very blah right now, so this is def applicable

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On Why Care About Royalty When There Are Only 30 Monarchs Left on Earth?

My dad is really into genealogy and convinced we have some royal ancestors (like from the house of Plantagenet or something). My brother took this very seriously as a kid named Henry (and my name is Elizabeth) and believed for at least a year that he was King Henry IX. I don't know how he rationalized that the royal family lived in suburban Florida but it was adorable and usually the first thing I tell his friends.

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On What Happens When You Serve as an Alternate Juror

@Megano! So a rural juror, perhaps?

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On Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

@baklava! omg. I am so sorry. I love no doubt so much and would not want that song to be tarnished. Especially by a first love! internet hug!

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On Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

@breccalynn I did that in a relationship kinda and listened to Breakin' Up by rilo kiley. I was not very subtle haha

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@daylightspool So, there are some girly-whimsical-fashiony-howtolookcute posts on the hairpin, but I don't see them ever in the "oooh look like this for your boyfriend" way but more of a "this is my jam and I feel like I can do anything in this outfit/hairstyle/makeup/vintage jewelry piece." And I do understand that the whole women feel they have to look good to feel good thing is very patriarchal and I do want to rise against because I hate the concept of it, but sometimes it does feel amazing to wear ridiculous eyelashes and makeup. All I'm saying is I felt amazing as a sexy vampire zombie angry bird for Halloween thanks to Jane's tutorial. And it certainly wasn't meant for the male gaze.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@ChaCha Congratulations. How wonderful.

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On Michele, Will You Go to the Prom With Me?

@contrary YES it looked like there was some Qream at Cam's house (?) when he and Dad from married with children were wrapping presents!?

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On The Hunger Games Trailer

@thebestjasmine I forgot that it has an epilogue too. I have blocked it out of my memory. For all my brain can remember there are only two books.

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On The Hunger Games Trailer

@thebestjasmine ME TOO!!! Hated, hated the third book. More than the HP epilogue even. Now I sound like a huge nerd, but whatever. But I was so angry about how bad the 3rd book is that I didn't want to even see the movie. Maybe the movie will make it all better? idk but yeah, the trailer looks good. And Gale looks like he'll do a good job but I definitely pictured someone way different.

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