On The Best Time I Cried for a Totally Ridiculous Reason

i love videogum, but sometimes the comments can get a little COMPLETELY INSANE.

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On Fun With Stress

Being from Detroit, I deal with my stress by drinking heavily. I think this is very unique to our part of the world.

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On How to Lose 10 Pounds Using Wine and Anxiety

when i graduated from college i worked as a manager at club monaco. the mall employee diet was quite similar, only i dropped like 25lbs because step 2 involved running around the store for hours on end helping bitchy rich women and changing store displays constantly. i've never been so thin (or hungry or depressed) in my life. BUT I WAS SKINNY & SKINNY = HAPPY!!!...?? *cries*

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On My Quiet, Mostly Disgusting Adventures With Natural Deodorant

My husband nagged me about switching to a natural deodorant for a while and i finally gave in because like a good wife and woman, i do whatever my husbands says. the first one i tried was tom's natural apricot "flavor". that was ok for the first week and then my ARMPITS started BURNING. apparently this happened to other people too so i was all "naw brah, tom". then i found the trader joe's deodorant and that seems to be working pretty good. i don't think i smell. guys, do i smell?

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