On 8 Days Alone in Kyrgyzstan

Jia! I am currently in Tajikistan for the summer! This will be my third -stan, having previously spent time in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. I like to joke that I'm going for the Bingo (all 5 former Soviet -stans). And now one doesn't even need a visa for Kyrgyzstan, right?

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On Having Babies Is Hard

Still reading, but "I feel like Noomi Rapace in Prometheus, except I get a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich instead of an aborted squid alien."

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On Who Bird-Corrects the Bird-Correcters?

Sometimes State Birds...

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On Explanations

Maybe you should be doing more than just *hoping* guys recognize this behavior in themselves. Maybe you should be calling them out on it when you actually see it, which you probably do on a fairly regular basis. Maybe instead of publishing this article in a largely woman-centric space, you should try to publish it somewhere with a larger focus on men and/or gamers. Maybe it shouldn't just be women standing up to this behavior, because this kind of guy is just going to be dismissive of their opinions anyway.

There's probably more to be said here, but I'm already exhausted.


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On Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

@packedsuitcase From what I can tell, in the US, insurance will generally cover the cost of testing if they determine you have a family history which indicates you may have the defective gene. So it's better than nothing, but still a big problem considering how many women are uninsured.

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On Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

@cosmia Both my mother and her mother are breast cancer survivors, so I've thought a lot about getting the BRCA test. But like you, I'm in my 20's, and don't know what I would do about a positive result. I want to have biological kids at some point, and I don't know how I would balance that desire against the mastectomy/hysterectomy prescription.

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On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@iceberg I know! I am trying to not be nervous because I'm sure Emma is going to be awesome, but now that we've lost Jane, Nicole, and now Edith will be semi-going away (?), I AM nervous! <3 U HAIRPIN, NEVER CHANGE!

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On Femme Fatale Garlic

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I mean, it really is. "Honey traps" were really good at getting people into bed, and really bad at getting any sort of useful intelligence out of them. A former CIA bigwig told me it was a really well-known thing among American diplomats working in Russia, and they would totally just use the scenario to sleep with hot Russian spy ladies without giving anything away.

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On Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me

@dj pomegranate I only knew about it because it showed up on an episode of CSI. So cool to hear from someone who's done it! Thanks a million, iceberg!

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On Okay, So, Remember That Post With the "Men's Health" Cover?

@JanieS No, but he does! I won't spoiler here, but I SWEAR! He does good things! Storm of Swords is totally The Worst though. I hated that book so much. I almost didn't make it, and just kept reading out of spite. I can't really blame you for stopping there.

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