By enic on Everything I Know About Fertility I Learned From the Year 1670


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By stuffisthings on Food Art About the News

@cosmia Yeah unfortunately I didn't have 250,000 baby carrots in the fridge.

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By PatatasBravas on I Got Me a Man Named "Doctor Feelgood"

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By Springtime for Voldemort on Explanations

@Quinn A@twitter I would love that! I think I saw someone mention the Best Time I Evers on Emma's intro post, and I'd love to read more Best Time I Evers from Pinners.

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By Oh, squiggles on An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

@dj pomegranate That baby would freakin' fly

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By Megasus on Okay, So, Remember That Post With the "Men's Health" Cover?

This somehow makes that post EVEN BETTER (I still want to see the completed one, because if it is not obvious yet, we 'Pinners can talk about who is the hottest in GoT ALL FUCKING DAY.)

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By iceberg on Okay, So, Remember That Post With the "Men's Health" Cover?

@iceberg also now I want to read the text you wanted to put with the picture! I would like to have that discussion!

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By packedsuitcase on Close-Reading a Controversial List

Is it just me or does having the guy that plays Jaime Lannister on the cover of a magazine that boasts it can teach people how to "Lose 10 lbs fast!" seem like it would promote rather...extreme methods for weight loss? (How much does a hand weigh, anyways?)

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By bowtiesarecool on First They Came for the Baggy Pants

@SarahDances But that is because we are in DC. I love the seersucker suit too! I enjoy going up on the Hill in summer and counting them. Watching the return of the seersucker suits (and straw boaters for the really old school dudes) for us is like the return of migratory birds for people in normal cities.

I think maybe elsewhere they're worn ironically? Those places make me sad.

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By martinipie on Better Safer Sex

@rosinator My experience with annoying dudes leads me to the conclusion that some assholes LOVE to talk about how much condoms suck, though....

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