By slutberry on Cee-Lo Green, "Anyway" (Lyric Video)

Wait, am I the only one who wants to hit him? 'Cause, for real, "I know I hit on all your friends and that is NOT OK but LOOK! SHOES!"

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By wharrgarbl on The Secret Life of Celery

@atipofthehat Celery once beat Chuck Norris in an arm-wrestling contest.

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By R&RKD on PDAs and the Lure of the Work Crush

Sometimes workplace crushes go and get themselves unattractive haircuts, thus eliminating the inconvenient attraction. So just try to wait it out until that happens? I am two for two with this strategy.

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By kitkat88 on But How Disgusting Is My Face, Really?

OMG Jane, I am in medical school and I spent like 6 hours at the library yesterday trying to cram facts about porphyrins into my brain, so your question has basically made my life. I haven't talked to someone not in medical school in literally months, so just let me know if I say something that doesn't make any sense. Also, I am not a doctor yet, so take this with a grain of salt.

Porphyrins are just big organic molecules, and we make a ton of them because we need porphyrins to make heme. Heme is more or less the best thing ever - we use it in hemoglobin, we use it for drug metabolism in the liver, and we use it in our cells to help us make energy out of food. Heme is made in all human cells with mitochondria, aka most of 'em. Having porphyrins in your body is super normal.

Why do they test for porphyrins then? My guess is because some people have disorders when it comes to making heme, and those disorders can cause a back-up of porphyrins in the skin. Porphyrins love interacting with light, and so people with a lot of porphyrins in their skin are very sensitive to sunlight - they can even get blistering and scaring! As a fun fact, some people think that these sort of disorders are the origin of the vampire myth because people with the disorders tend to fear sunlight (with good reason, given the blistering thing), have teeth that glow under UV light (this is because of the porphyrin light reactivity thing), and crave blood (because they are anemic).

Either way, unless your doctor says something about it your porphyrins are nothing to worry about. Unless you want to be a vampire! In which case alcohol abuse and/or iron overload can help make way more porphyrins than you could ever want.

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By noodge on Cleft Lips and Unamusingly Horrible Bosses

I feel like we should make Hairpin Business Cards - it would just have the logo on the front, and it would say "oh guuurrrrllll..." and the web address. We could pass it out to women we meet who are awesome in so many ways but maybe lack a sense of community/camaraderie/understanding with other awesome women who will answer the difficult questions and support each other? I've had a number of circumstances over the last few months where I would've loved to have this...

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