On The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga, Continued: Visiting Agafia

@greatbleuheron Russian practicality?

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@Dancercise Yeah, I have that kind of interaction pretty regularly with a friend (who I love a lot but has body dismorphia). Like:

Her: "Ugh, I hate my thighs."
Me: "Please don't say mean things about yourself to me. It makes me feel sad."
Her: "But they're sooooo big!"

Usually it works? For a few weeks. But ultimately I can't change the way she feels about her body, no matter what I do or say. Praise she either discounts as empty flattery (because she doesn't see herself that way) or undercuts by pointing out some other flaw, and requests to at least not express it around me are only a temporary solution. But I do love her, so I keep trying.

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On Meditations on 12 Bits of Bathroom Graffiti

@Opos That is great! And reminds me of another favorite: someone posted a bunch of crossed-out photos of famous Bills (Nye, Clinton, Murray, etc.) near the "Post No Bills" signs at a local construction site on a major street. So funny!

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On Meditations on 12 Bits of Bathroom Graffiti

I like graffiti that uses pre-existing print (like the PUSH one here). One of my favorites was in a stairwell at my alma mater where each landing had something labelled "STAND PIPE". On each landing, someone wrote: "Get pipe, STAND PIPE" or "STAND PIPE for your rights". Every time I walked up the stairs I would get that song stuck in my head.

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On Sympathy for Liz

@Is It a Hat? I had the same idea! I also thought that people live to be exactly 100, and then died on their 100th birthday. It was super disappointing to find out that the average life expectancy was more than 25% shorter.

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On The Healthy Lazy

@Hellcat oh yeah! If you're already a big soda water drinker it is pretty economical. And fantastic! You have to find a source for the air canisters (a lot of grocery and hardware stores carry them now, but you can also order them online). We go through one every 6 months of so, and I drink a lot of soda water. If you can manage the initial investment, it is so worth it! Doooooooo it.

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On The Healthy Lazy

@The Lady of Shalott my roommate and I have a Sodastream (which, btw, best thing ever) and somehow we started calling the fizzy water "sparkles". As in, "Could you get me a glass of sparkles?"

Which would be all fine and quirky if we kept it in the house, but I have found myself asking various waiters and friends for "sparkles", which invariably gets me blank looks and giggles.

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On Liar, Liar, Food on Fire

@jen325 I feel like I can taste the bitterness, too, but I like it! I'm always seeking out bitter broccoli rabe/brussels sprouts or spicy arugula--and often I can't find vegetables bitter enough for me in the produce store and end up growing them myself. But maybe I'm tasting something different about the foods that is not what you experience as "bitter"?

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On Maybe They Like Having Their Hair Played With?

@frigwiggin Alot of the time people don't think before they open they're mouths.

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On Milk Talk

@runner in the garden L.W.? You're on the hairpin? For some reason that is disconcerting, although not surprising. In any case, hi! How are you? --Brook

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