On A Character Study of the Trainwreck

Pretty sure the trainwreck character exists solely to exacerbate every fear(for lack of a better word) I have about being 30 and single and not as emotionally/financially/physically stable as I maybe should be... The amount of times people in my circle compared me to Kristen Wigg's character in Bridesmaids (as a compliment???) is slightly disturbing....

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On The Beauty Bridge

@Ameelz123 I cannot agree with you more. As a teen and preteen I was constantly comparing myself in my head to my peers. Had completely convinced myself that I was the ugly chunky duckling of the group. I don't ever remeber comparing my body to the magazine or catalogue girls. But I definitly remeber comparing my curves to my lean and lanky best friend and my mousie brown hair to the blonde teen bombshell in gym class.
Not that people don't compare themselves to models but as a teen those werent my go-to comparisons we the girls beside me. Who were definitly real

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