On Other People's Kids, Homes

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

@iceberg YES. Upon announcing my pregnancy, I was asked by multiple unrelated people whether we had been "trying." Which (besides making everyone in the room picture our sexytimes) basically means, "so was this an accident?" It would be a win for society if we could collectively figure out which "innocent" questions are actually ENTIRELY about your junk.

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

might i suggest to the lady who's not ultra into blowjobs that she wait until she herself is turned on? even after many years of giving oral sex, i am still "eh" on it, and would flatly turn down a request to go from zero to blowjob. HOWEVER, when the foreplay has gone on long enough and is good enough that basically anything (WITHIN previously agreed-upon boundaries, that is) feels awesome, i find blowjobs way more fun and do a way better job. could her manfriend be doing something to her at the time? if 69ing is overwhelming or complicated, maybe he could use his hands or a vibrator? for me, a thing feeling awesome tends to get me past my apprehensions more reliably than anything else.

CAVEAT: i have been with my manfriend for over a decade, and we have been sexually active for almost that entire time. it took me MANY YEARS to get to my current place of comfort with blowjobs. you are married, lady, and have a whole lifetime to develop your sexytime skills and preferences! nothing has to happen at right this second!

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On Dogs, Babies, and the Process of Learning to Generalize


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On Dogs, Babies, and the Process of Learning to Generalize

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher yes combination words! my brother was born when I was almost 15, and when he was learning most of his words, my best friend and I were spending about 95% of our time together. So much time together that he decided we were both called a combination of our names: "SuperfluousFriend"! (Whoops, that sounds sad. She was not superfluous!)

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On Dogs, Babies, and the Process of Learning to Generalize

@fondue with cheddar this lady who spends much of her time with kindergartners FELL OFF THE COUCH laughing the first time she heard that.

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On The Wedding Photographer

@polka dots vs stripes i actually really love the detail shots from my wedding--the venue and my shiny, shiny shoes were beautiful, and i have a pretty terrible memory for those things. they certainly don't outweigh shots of actual *people*, but i'm grateful to have them nonetheless.

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On Meditations on 12 Bits of Bathroom Graffiti

@Countess Maritza i used to live, like, 500 feet from the hungarian pastry shop, and i loved every inch of that bathroom.

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On Recipes

@baked bean wait, does she just add the amount of white sugar called for as brown sugar (2 cups white sugar becomes 2 cups brown sugar), or do some kind of math magic?

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@gobblegirl as compared to Canadian Thanksgiving? are the foods different? is it *gasp* NOT a food-centered holiday? please advise!

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