On April Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay finally! and great news this month!

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On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Zadie Smith in Conversation

This is fantastic! BUT THAT LOST SIGNAL IN THE MIDDLE ;___; it's so wonderful to watch two exceptional writers discuss their experiences and writing like this.

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On The Limitations of Eve Ensler's Dance-Based Activism

@chickpeas akimbo
Word, seriously. When I saw all the furore about it, I seriously wondered what dancing was actually supposed to accomplish, beyond awareness. (And then I felt bad for questioning a feminist campaign - bad feminist! Support the cause no matter what!) There are plenty of organisations pushing awareness at legislators and governments already. I like the Vagina Monologues a lot and I see its point and effect immediately. But One Billion Rising was too vague in its aims. The author noticed that its achievements seem to be similarly vague. No surprise to me, but I'm one of these cynical people who likes to see concrete results from a huge initiative like this.

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On Elsa’s Coming Out Party

I actually had the same issues with her new outfit. I'm down with fabulousness and newfound freedom, but heels on ice?? REALLY?? How is that logical? Or safe? Her dress is slinky and amazing, but off-the-shoulder and leg slit are details too many surely? The style of it departed a lot from the movie's Scandinavian aesthetics. Idk. I'm in two minds about it now, especially since I can appreciate the experimentation angle, the trying of something new and different.

We see the vampy sexy new look trope a LOT, so it was disheartening that this movie used that too. Frozen is so good in so many other ways, and Elsa is such a great character; to create this cliched look as her coming-out costume was disappointing for me.

As for her sexuality: I'm so glad she's not involved in the usual Disney romance arc. Whether that's because she's still finding herself, lesbian, asexual, bi, more focused on her career, whatever, I don't care. I think she's too ambiguous to slap any label apart from 'subversive' on her. Buuuut who knows what/who'll come out if Frozen 2 happens?

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On The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

LW#3: there are quite a lot of blogs on Tumblr devoted to YA queer fiction. If you google the usual terms ("tumblr lesbian literature" "tumblr queer literature" "tumblr bisexual literature" etc etc) you'll find lots to look into. I would agree with Queer Chick about waiting until a definite coming out before plying your niece with books, but having them around for reading yourself couldn't possibly hurt. (But I'm definitely that person - "Oh, yeah, I totally bought this book for someone else but just happen to be reading it first...")

LW#4: This advice is awesome and kinda exactly what I needed to hear too. I hope your maybes work into yeses. If they turn into nos, at least you'll have some good stories ;)

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On Alternate Diets For Your Brain

I have a cold right now, which I think gives me free license to eat more or less what I want, as I can't taste it and feel like crap anyway. Generally speaking, if I avoid gluten and dairy I always feel much better. Life is too short to not have pizza though. In that spirit, I have a few suggestions too:

Breaking Brain: wait for he who knocks before knocking back anything blue. Blue means it's more pure.

Wine Brain: drink one glass of red wine with every meal and snack. Meals and snacks can only be cheese or crackers. Never both at the same time. Tannins and free-radicals yada yada.

Meryl Brain: let Meryl Streep diet for you. She'll do it so much better than you.

Polar Brain: the cold burns calories. Only eat food outside in the snow.

Ill Brain: revel in the metallic taste of your own phlegm and too much cough medicine. Settle into a blanket mountain with a cup of warm alcohol and Netflix. Do not move for three days.

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On The Beauty Bridge

@dracula's ghost I have three everyday bras and two sports bras. Due to my size, that's about all I can afford (stupid expensive necessary supportive bras ;_;). I try to leave buying new ones for as long as I can - about every two years generally. The day I have a whole drawerful of bras is the day I know I've made it.

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On The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

Hollllaaaaaaaaaa for The Heiress. Clift and de Havilland are such babes in that movie. The dance scene unf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxRwaLA54Ss

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: Suri's Burn Book and the Celebrity Offspring Economy

I've followed Suri's Burn Book on Tumblr for a couple of years now and it's always been utterly hilarious. The sheer hatred Suri has for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt never ever fails to make me cackle like a crazy lady. I'm glad you're able to pursue bigger things because of it, Allie.

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On February Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

"Girl, I think you have more spark in your pinky then a box of matches. You better be out there collecting new kindling to burn." Can I get this embroidered somewhere? I feel ready to take on the world.

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