Daikon Cakes, Our Mom's Way

I am the eldest of four sisters. In private, we compare ourselves to the only large, sprawling group of sisterdom represented in pop culture: the Kardashians. There are three of them, and four of us, so someone has to be Rob. That honor goes to Shaina, due to her predilection towards Thrasher shirts and street wear, and the fact that she has somehow transcended the prickly personality and tough exterior that is our inheritance, and is a sweet and self-sufficient person. Sometimes, she is the favorite. The rest of us fit into our categories. I am Kourtney, sensible, frowny, perpetually exhausted by the antics of my sisters. Jenny is Khloe, the least similar in resemblance, unflinchingly sarcastic, blunt and “kind.” Tessa, the third in line is Kim, the self-aware peacock with a kind heart. We are convinced that our dynasty is just as solid. READ MORE

NFL Mascots, Ranked

28. Indianapolis Colts – Blue, a colt READ MORE