On The Magnificent and Horrifying World of Nail Art

Ooof!! Who would want to see their acid trip as a manicure?

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On Friends, "I'm His Girl"

Great tune. Such a joy to listen to that voice.

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On Internet Ouija Board, Round One: Ashton and Demi


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On Were You Alive In…

I was 4 that year and my mother started dressing my younger sister and me in matching outfits, much to our chagrin. The OJ Simpson trial was the only thing that was on in our house, too. I really took Nickelodeon for granted during those years. That's it.

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

I am giving you the biggest hug in my mind right now because reading this was excellent! I got my first bra in the 5th grade and was a B going on C cup the next year. Today, I am a 36D, which is probably nothing after reading all these ladies' anecdotes. As I was reading the part you wrote on ways to exercise and you mentioned swimming, I recalled the thrill of just diving (if you call belly flopping like a BOSS diving) into pools when I was younger and how they made my boobs sore as they grew. I still swim and occasionally dive everyday, but I practically have to cannonball, covering my tits with my knees at the pool. Gym class was the worst. Changing, running laps, the stupid mile, etc. For the longest of times, I wanted regular B cups like most of the girls I knew. Now I've grown to be just okay with my hooters, since I'll have them until I die and I'm grateful I never had to endure an awkward bra fitting or consider the thought of going under the knife. Again, thanks for writing this. Good luck on that MFA, take care.

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On Who Is Kreayshawn?

"sort of like Ke$ha and Amy Winehouse (aesthetically at least), and also Die Antwoord's Yolandi Vi$$er, and Nicki Minaj (kind of?) and Odd Future and Lil' B"
Could just be me, but I kept seeing a weirder, mutated throwaway of Lady Gaga. Hopefully, they'll grow up and be over in no time.

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On Cats in Art

If you're into these paintings, go check out Meowsterpieces. Hopefully, you won't be disappointed.


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On Black Ladies, Just Like the Other Ladies

@Kneetoe It's really Psychology Eugenics Era.

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On Black Ladies, Just Like the Other Ladies

As a black woman, for years I was in denial about how dumb, fat, butch and ugly I was, but thanks Psychology Today for clarifying things for me! *blarf*

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On R.I.P. Cursive

I wrote in cursive pretty much the whole time I attended Catholic school when I was a kid. In 6th grade, I moved to a public school and was still writing in cursive because I thought I wouldn't be able to stop, much to everyone's astonishment. Guess I was determined to save it like it were a dying language. Oh well.

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