On Where Autism Meets Krautrock: How I Learned to Medicate with Sound

@Danzig! This mix is great, I'm really enjoying it. As is your article too, I related to all of it. My stimming is leg-jittering, and pacing, but I also have 'contentment stimming' when I am in bed and feeling at peace, then my feet waggle, much like a dog wagging a tail. Listening to your mix is making my feet go at the moment, in fact.
These days I also pass as odd and music fixated, which is quite okay :-)

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On The Best Time I Got Catfished By a Dead Person

@Megasus glad you asked, thought it was just me. Never even heard of the show, but then I'm older and not in the States.

Also- "many hours online since age 11" and "crippling loneliness" made me feel so sad. Possibly one led to the the other? Not a good description of what modern society is offering young people.

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On Welcome Home

@Diana Incredible. I am 28 years out of my parents' house and had forgotten how exactly it was like you described.
For us, it never got better, it all crumbled. So bewildering.

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On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

@Heike The Men In My Life Who Made Sleep Impossible.

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On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

@Heike Actually no, I tell a lie. The worst thing that woke me in the night was my husband (different man) 10 years ago. The silly fellow had stopped taking his epilepsy tablets because he felt they were making him feel bad/he probably didn't need them anymore/ because the pixies told him to/ f*ck knows.
So he had a major, LITERALLY heart-stopping seizure in the middle of the night, next to me, in a tent in the middle of nowhere, literally middle of nowhere (Siberia).
Fortunately he started breathing again, all was okay in the end, and he is sitting next to me right now, hale and hearty (and on new and better medication) but it took me about 5 years to forgive him.

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On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

The worst thing that woke me up in the night was when my partner had a sudden-onset, very serious gastric illness/food poisoning episode. This lead to my partner's having sudden explosive diarrhea.
This happened while we were asleep, spooning, and I was the outer spoon.
And I was wearing a onesie that absorbed the explosion and spread it all over my skin from neck to ankle.

That was 22 years ago and I still remember it so clearly. Wish I didn't.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Audley That's the one! Threads like that make me sort of want to collectively hug all the 'Pinners in teary-eyed gratitude for making me laugh so much.

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On Friday Open Thread

Just want to say that these two 'pin quotes have become woven into the fabric of my life:
Mike Itten
tread softly because you tread on my penis

<3 Hairpin

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On This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date

Wonderful, hilarious article.

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On 10 Things That Happened While I Read Wilkie Collins' 'The Woman in White'

Great, that's one of the books sorted for my holiday next week; I decided I want to take really great books that I have already read and know that I like, as I feel too tired and jaded for surprises.

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