On The Best Time I Had Alopecia

I also have this weird circular hair-loss thing. A few quibbles -- is it really stress-related? I know that's sort of a commonly accepted theory, but I didn't think it was proven exactly.

Also, like, strap in -- I've had spots come and go all over my head in 10 years. Just because it grew back doesn't mean it's back for good. Or it could just start again somewhere else.

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On Insufferable Parenthetical Asides, Ranked

I thought this was a safe space for parentheticals?

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On A Revenge Scenario For Student Loan Borrowers

If you work at a non-profit, they forgive your loans after 10 years. Just fyi!

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On An Interview With the [Former] Editor of The L Magazine, Jonny Diamond. Or, When to Quit a Job

"When you find yourself spending all your time covering people who are making things (art, writing, building, design, music) in the way that you would like to make things, you eventually reach a breaking point."

This is the exact reason I quit arts publicity.

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On It Happened One New Year's Eve

One year, back from college but not wanting to see my friends ("friends") from high school, I stayed in my parents house and drank a pre-21 bottle of wine while I watched "My Neighbor Totoro," which I really, really enjoyed.

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On A Text Dialogue With a Twist

Everyone is overlooking the obvious here. What if this guy was ACTUALLY HOT?

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On Terrible Boyfriends, "Mistress Material," and Who Feels What How

I'm sorry, but is anyone else finding these answers a bit strident and Jezebel-y? Making all your advice to the complex problems of real people "that guy is a dick! dump him!" is a bit, well, insane and unrealistic and shows basically no understanding of human existence. Still, simple things are fun to say! If someone doesn't immediately obey you, dump them! If you meet someone at work, they are sexually harassing you! Etc.

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