On Album "Review": Waxahatchee's 'Cerulean Salt'

Are we sure this isn't one of the New Pornographers songs that Neko Case sings? (Nonetheless it is excellent!)

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On "Peter Luger"

@parallel-lines I also like how that "FIVE MINUTE!" has no bearing on when your car actually arrives. Also sometimes they inexplicably pick you up in an Escalade!

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On There's a New "Les Miz" Trailer

@SuperGogo The revolutionaries are also very adept at stacking furniture.

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On There's a New "Les Miz" Trailer

@PatatasBravas Former convict, who is now wealthy, is running away from his past and takes in orphan girl from dying mother. Orphan girl falls in love with rich boy. Rich boy has a stalker peasant girl following him around. Tavern keepers provide comic relief. Inspector figures out who former convict is. People are all up in the revolutionary spirit. A battle is fought at a barracade. Flags are waived. Love triangle continues apace. And SPOILER ALERT everyone you like dies. Only survivors are the lame ones.

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On No Doubt Featuring Major Lazer and Busy Signal, "Push and Shove"

They filmed the bar scenes at Ontario in Williamsburg. I know this as I have friend who is a HUGE No Doubt fan and a regular of the bar and just so happened to be out of town when they filmed. He was...upset, to say the least.

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On Yeasayer, "Longevity"

@LolaLaBalc @allinmycar I don't think it's as bad as the reviews but I still can't get into it. So much talent and promise from these guys and it just never seems to really "get there".

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On The Maypole Song

If any of you are fans of the podcast "How Did This Get Made?" (you should be btw), the one where they do the remake is amazing.

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On WYMM? ;)

Everyone it's ok! My gf and I went to the ramen place with Stacy and Tom. They are doing great. Just friends for now but we'll see!

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On WYMM? ;)

Wait, did they ask in the same message?
"Hi Stacy, this is Tom. Marry me? If not will you marry Sean? (he's writing this with me) If not do you want to chk out the new Ramen place on Court St after work?"

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On Six of These Will Be Gone in Five Years. But Which Six?

@Ophelia Yes. And it is deservedly on this list. There is no sign which may be why you've walked by it. Just absolutely amazing food and not really that pricey considering the quality and location. I've been a few times but not lately as it has gotten so much press that it is impossible to get a table on the weekends (They don't take reservations like many of their Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens brethren.) But beg, borrow and steal to go there because that kale salad is legit.

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