On Little Known Facts About Jack & Diane

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Awesome answer.

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On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

I am reminded of my friend's grandmother who lived in an addition to their house and referred to certain olive oils as "extra well-behaved."

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On Startups I Would Invest $1 Million In Instead Of "Yo"


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On The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number

But if it's not real, then what? What possible helpful next step is there? I suppose it creates an opportunity to harass or humiliate, but I don't find that very appealing.

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On The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number

Short of some sort of physical contact, "dialing the number on the spot" is perhaps the most insane and threatening thing I can imagine a man doing. There are two possible results: the number is fake or it is not. But either way, How does dialing it immediately possibly end in a way that doesn't make it clear that you are a terrible person?

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On Excellent, An Ayn Rand Musical

"Never doubt that an expansive aerial and circus environment can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

I'm pretty sure we'll figure out a way to invent new races.

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On Friday Open Thread

No need to apologize for militant vegetarianism around me!

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On Friday Open Thread

YES! I had chickens as a child and I want them again so bad! I know that they stop laying and I don't care I would still love them!

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