On The Worst Time Kris Jenner Taught Me To Make Pumpkin Bread

Okay but those donut-shaped pumpkin muffins look GOOOOOOOOD.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@ipomoea Good! That's great to hear. I always loved her stuff.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

Does anybody else remember Hortense? She was my favorite Jezebel-er at one point and then she just kind of vanished. I remember reading her Tumblr and it seemed like she had some personal life issues, but I hope she's doing okay.

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On Mary Gaitskill Is Not a Fan of Gone Girl

*cue Icona Pop*

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On Get This Look: Adventure Time

THIS IS AMAZING. This is all I ever wanted in life and all of the commentary is so spot-on. I want to wear all of these to work and weird out my coworkers but who cares? It's mathematical!

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On Favorite Books of the Secretly Jerky

@doomz Agree. Dated a guy who was absolutely in love with his own intellect for his ability to finish it that he thought everybody else was morons.

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On The Case of Amanda Knox

@glitterary Having had read the British newspapers, I can't testify that they are somehow more fair than the American newspapers. I'm not counting the Rolling Stone article on this, as this is a longer piece and more likely to have a bias. But if you look at American newspapers regarding the recent DNA expert testimony, the difference is remarkable and kind of terrifying. US newspapers simply report that the DNA testimony from the experts point out the knife was most likely not used in the killing, whereas British newspapers are reporting that Amanda was "singing and dancing" after the news was released. Why is the testimony from an Italian official, who may have been mistranslated, being used for headlines? It's sensational and completely unnecessary. The Rolling Stone article is a biased piece, because it's for Rolling Stone, a magazine known for its good writing and opinionated pieces. If this were the New York Times or Los Angeles Times, it would most likely be different. The British press has been devastating in focusing on the Italian testimony regarding Amanda Knox's behavior rather than the facts of the case, which I find to be utterly ridiculous and poor journalism.

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On The Case of Amanda Knox

@Sharon Langworthy@facebook Likely? Based on what evidence?

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On The Case of Amanda Knox

@elysian fields Exactly. Couldn't have said it better.

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On The Case of Amanda Knox

Having seen both sides of the case, the fact that she was convicted on no evidence makes my blood run cold. Also, there was no motive! No reasonable motive anyway. A burglary gone wrong makes sense (considering the killer's DNA is there), a satanic ritual threesome does not. Ridiculous. I mean, I know I am clearly an expert based on my years watching 48 Hours and Dateline on Investigation Discovery, but honestly -- a case like this in America would probably not even have gone to court. She was crucified in the press because she was a foreigner who acted, well, foreignly. Xenophobia of the worst kind.

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