On "It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly."

Wait, wait. Dad and boyfriend each have pictures of the other and are at an "impasse"? So Dad is threatening to tell the daughter if boyfriend doesn't, and boyfriend is threatening to retaliate by telling Mom? Yeah I don't see this working out.

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On Happy Birthday to the Moonwalk

Oh, to be a little kid when Michael Jackson was at his (commercial) peak in the 80's... slide-walking backwards on the carpet in the family room in sock feet (and then the bonus of static shocks!), me and my brother having divided a pair of my mom's gloves. I try to act cool, but it's impossible to watch this video without my heart racing a bit.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I don't take the placebo pills. I like the little calendar format of the pill pack, but I'm at a stage in my life where the placebos seem condescending, like I might literally forget I'm on the pill if I don't have to swallow one every single day. Not likely.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@writergal85 Same. I have various symptoms if I don't take the pill, including no period and hair where women are not supposed to have hair. (I take aldactone, too, for the hair.)

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On Soap Options

@LilyB [insert placenta-fetus soap joke here]

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On Soap Options

So glad the hairpin is here to point out the most horrifying things on the internet.

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On Sunset Boulevard

So, so wrong! Evilly cackling at my desk wrong!

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

I once made a really "authentic" chili that was just chillies and chunks of meat. It was like, all meat. It was okay but not a complete meal like chili with beans and some veggies.

Also good in chili: a scoop of cornmeal. Makes things a little thick and pleasantly corny.

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On Level Descriptions From the Upcoming Katy Perry Video Game

I couldn't help but read the final level in Stefon voice...

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On Keeping Up Appearances

The photos on this are awesome. I have no love for Aber-postale-isster after hours spent with disappointed pre-teen girls searching desperately to find ANYTHING in XL. And then watching them drop $30 on an almost see-through t-shirt if they did find something. And then laundering the damn things like they were cashmere lest they shrink even a millimeter.

Ugh, I'm such a mom...

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