On How To Change Your Name In 41 Easy Steps

Srsly? All I had to do in Illinois was have a copy of my divorce decree (from Washington) handy. There was no courtroom or anything. I got a new SS card, which helped me get a new drivers license and passport, and it was smooth sailing from there. I might have punched someone if they had asked me for a note from my ex. (Right, the bulletproof glass...)

Changing my name on certain bank accounts, on the other hand... I finally just closed them and opened new ones.

But yeah, I will never change my name again (I'm on my third one now that I'm remarried and I really do love it) and this is exactly why. It would have to really matter a lot--and clearly for some people it does--to go through all this nonsense.

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On "Too Many" Straight Friends, Hiding Your Sex Tools, and Life in the Queer Lane

My husband and I figured out a great way to store our sex tools--in a hard-side suitcase with a key. Found one for $5 at a garage sale. I keep the key in my jewelry box. It wouldn't stop a crack team of thieves, but it prevents someone from stumbling upon our stash. If someone finds the key and opens it up, they're getting what they asked for!

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On How We Eat

Inspired by this post, I'm eating leftover chili with a fried egg on it for breakfast. I can validate pretty much anything for breakfast by plopping an egg on it.

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: She's All That

That song is the CROWN JEWEL in my workout playlist! I laughed out loud when they all high-fived in the middle of it.

I remember when my attitude about rom-coms changed. It was right after I tried to break up with a boy and he sort of wouldn't be broken up with. Then I went to see Jerry Maguire and I was like ugh, sometimes when a girl breaks up with you she MEANS IT!

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On Weekend Roundup

@Bunburying Second this! Cross-stitch is supremely satisfying and you can be up and running in 5 minutes. I like a simple pattern to start (monochrome, like these: http://www.pinterest.com/foldanddivide/monochrome-cross-stitch/). There are cool photorealistic patterns but they take FOREVER switching thread colors.

Just try it, I feel like you'll know very quickly whether you like it or not, and even if you buy a pattern and some supplies you'll only be out, like, $10.

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On I Mounted a Fox: An Interview with Allis Markham

I will probably never, ever do or buy taxidermy, but my life is ever so slightly richer for having read this conversation with someone who does. Thanks.

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On Female New York Post Writer Feels Differently Than Other Women

35 in Chicago here. Well, I actually live in the suburbs and commute, which includes a 1-mile walk past 3-5 construction sites and plenty of dudes. In 7 years of commuting, I can count the number of comments I've received on one hand, and most of them have been harmless (not aggressive or obscene) or even sort of nice. It's much more common to get a nod or a "good morning" from a construction worker or any other guy. Am I lucky? A little too old? Are men better behaved in Chicago?

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On "I am not writing this to explain myself": Roxane Gay on Receipts and Racial Profiling

Reminds me a bit of Questlove's piece a couple years ago about racial profiling. I wish White people would just LISTEN. Is Whitesplaining a word? It should be.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

If you're down with the conceit of asking dad (which, barf), don't you have to accept that dad has a right to say no, I'd rather you didn't? I think it's rude to take your three friends to ask him an ostensibly serious question and then throw a little fit when he gives you a serious answer.

Also, this makes me want to stream Say Anything.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: Was It a Bad Idea to Break Up With My Extremely Kind, Extremely Boring Boyfriend?

@adorable-eggplant beat me to it. Somewhere out there is a woman who wants a rock-solid stump full of goodness to grow old with.

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