On The Very First Hairpin Q&A

@proudsquarepeg I don't think anyone's still reading this, but guess what? 3 days after we posted this, I got in a car crash! Dude drove straight into me, smashed my car, broke my ankle. I can't tell yet if my general fear about this has gotten better or worse. But I did not die, not even close, so I'm putting it in the win column!

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On On Writing In Books

I don't write in books, I more just read them for the enjoyment while I'm reading. But now I'm thinking maybe I should start. Sort of like you can enjoy wine more if you try to write tasting notes, because it forces you to focus a bit.

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On Characters In Literotica Stories Who Are Cumin

The second-person present-tense makes me retch.

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On The Very First Hairpin Q&A

@proudsquarepeg Oh god, me too, although mine is not as specific. For a while I was hypervigilant about escape routes because my car would die routinely (lol), so I was always assessing "what would happen if my car stopped right now." I live in Chicago, so it's usually fairly disastrous. Then a couple years ago I spun off an icy interstate, and ever since then I've always felt like basically anything could happen at any moment on the road, with no warning. That steel beam could fall off that truck and impale me; that SUV could drift into my lane and cause a pileup; I try not to think as I'm going over bridges.

It's weird because other people talk about how flying is more scary than driving, because with driving you're in control, and I'm like, WHAT? You're in control of 1 out of like 80 cars in your vicinity, and only until some water or oil or frozen water or a malfunction renders your steering wheel useless.

I take the train to work. :)

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On The Best Time I Went to Christian Charm School

a) What on earth is "God's mouthwash"? Sounds super dirty.

b) Yes a list of all the foods I will ever eat can fit on one page lol

c) My favorite part of the prayer list is the "answered" checkbox. Like once Susan's cancer is cured and Billy no longer has feelings for boys and Jenna gets her A in Home Ec, then you can check off that you've accomplished something.

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On I Can't Wear Heels

SERIOUSLY. I WANT to be a heel person, but I can't seem to pull it off. The way my commute and work neighborhood is, I can't assume that I won't have to walk a mile or two sometime during the day, or walk up to the 3rd floor like 7 times, and generally I just feel like if anything unexpected happens, I won't be able to count on my feet, which is not a way I can live. I save heels for Going Out and inform my husband early on that I have a 2-block max for walking. The rest of the time it's flats. I think we are lucky to live in a time of super cute flats; no, they do not make your legs look like a pantyhose ad, but especially with pants they do look pretty and are conducive to actually doing whatever you're doing.

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On "It’s perfectly possible that she will react badly."

Wait, wait. Dad and boyfriend each have pictures of the other and are at an "impasse"? So Dad is threatening to tell the daughter if boyfriend doesn't, and boyfriend is threatening to retaliate by telling Mom? Yeah I don't see this working out.

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On Happy Birthday to the Moonwalk

Oh, to be a little kid when Michael Jackson was at his (commercial) peak in the 80's... slide-walking backwards on the carpet in the family room in sock feet (and then the bonus of static shocks!), me and my brother having divided a pair of my mom's gloves. I try to act cool, but it's impossible to watch this video without my heart racing a bit.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I don't take the placebo pills. I like the little calendar format of the pill pack, but I'm at a stage in my life where the placebos seem condescending, like I might literally forget I'm on the pill if I don't have to swallow one every single day. Not likely.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@writergal85 Same. I have various symptoms if I don't take the pill, including no period and hair where women are not supposed to have hair. (I take aldactone, too, for the hair.)

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