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@cosmia THE PAINTING! Surely this is a Jim Behrle creation?!

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On Awkwafina's Guide to the Big Apple

That was weird. And awesome.

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On Now, This is a Moment, of Some Kind, or Another

THIS MOMENT WAS SO GREAT! I told so many people about this scene! I am obsessed with collaborative artist couples, from John and Yoko to Christo and Jeane-Claude, Marina and Ulay's story ranks among the top of my infatuation. Second favorite scene is when the little boy sits across from her and his mother's subsequent reaction to his experience. Everyone should see this film, especially skeptics of performance art.

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On Now, This is a Moment, of Some Kind, or Another

@Decca Yeah, I don't understand the skepticism at all. They show him reuniting with her after many years before the exhibit starts, he came to New York to offer her support! It doesn't make the moment any less touching.

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On Friday Open Thread

I asked my wedding DJ friend and he said Van Morrison's Crazy Love is one of his favorites. Also! You've Made Me So Very Happy by Alton Ellis was a song I always told my ex we should use, before he became my ex. :\

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On Friday Open Thread

Lauryn Hill & D'Angelo - Nothing Even Matters
(OR Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You OR Turn the Lights Down Low, though these are more uptempo)

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On Twelve Days Biking and Camping Alone Along the Pacific Coast

Ahhh this was great, I AM SO INTO THIS SERIES. I would love to do a trip like this sometime, but mostly this just made me pumped for nicer weather so I can ride my bike everywhere again.

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On Welcome, xoVain

WORD. Straightening actually saves me a lot of time, otherwise I'd have to wash my hair every morning, wait for it to dry, and pray it behaves (l o l). I definitely think she's doing it too much, though. I straighten twice a week, wash every third day and try to have a natural day to give it a break. My hair is longer than hers and it only takes me a half hour, max.

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