On The Best Time I Wrote Orlando Bloom Fan Fiction

Oh my goodness I loved this. I still have a journal somewhere filled with fanfiction about my imaginary romances with a wide range of unthreatening vaguely good looking movie stars. Can't decide whether to keep it forever or throw it out in case I die and it becomes my embarrassing legacy.

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On Worst Behavior

This was great! I am pro more thoughtful can-con on the Hairpin!

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Canadian Takeover!!!

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On The Best Time Minnie Mouse, My Hero, Took Off Her Head and Projectile Vomited At Me


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On After Philomela: A History of Women Whose Tongues Have Been Ripped Out

Check out the play "If We Were Birds" by Erin Shields if you can find a copy of it. Interesting re-telling of the Philomela/Procne story with a lot of choral speech, and the playwright builds some strong connections to survivors of wartime violence and rape.

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On "Back to Me," Kathleen Edwards

@skipperdee I've never listened to any artist on repeat as much as KE

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On "Back to Me," Kathleen Edwards

@Penny also did they really break up? Since when?

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On "Back to Me," Kathleen Edwards

All Kathleen all the time forever always.

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These are so lovely and happy! Thanks for sharing with us!

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On No Epiphanies Whatsoever

@professorsnootypants I totally agree. There's something about the feeling of being caught up in the centre of it all, with no view to getting out, that I find so fascinating. It's a perspective on addiction that we rarely see, or maybe we too often look away because it's so damn ugly.

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