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@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I signed in just to like this!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Everyone okay I reported it and the police were really nice and I feel 100% better and also I am going to read that fear book and thank you to everyone who gave me the confidence to do something!

PS: Also I didn't realized how scared I was and still am until I started talking about it to the officer and I felt all these emotions...

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheJacqueline What if I am wrong about the peeing, what if he is just socially awkward, what if the police are hostile or laugh at me? Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? Did everyone report it?

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On Friday Open Thread

Ugh I really need to tell this story and I feel like I should do something but am not really sure what to do.

So there is this amazing lake I go swim at, it is my bliss. I swim there all the time. It's pretty small and usually there are lots of people there, but now it's getting to be fall and I didn't get there until later (6:30 pm) last night and I pulled into the parking lot and there were other cars there, and one man.

He was creeping around this red car, which I thought was his, but I couldn't understand why he was standing at it, I thought maybe he is waiting for someone else.

So I get out and he looks at me and I swear he pulls out his penis and starts peeing, at me, but we are like 15 feet apart and I can't bring myself to look at him directly because I am embarrassed, so I can't say I am 100% about it, but I did like 5 takes and it looked like it every take.

So I would have left except there were three other cars there so I thought it would be safe to swim and I passed him (without looking) and went into the water and there was another woman swimming and we started talking and it was pleasant and he didn't come and I kind of forgot about him. But than after about 25 minutes he did come to the water and swam right for me and started asking me all these questions (like when was I born, where did I live, which I did not give answers to) and talking about the lake and he was so weird and at one point he said, "this is such a nice safe lake, you don't have to worry about being raped here or anything, looking me directly in the eyes".

So it was me, him, the lady I was talking to and one other snorkeler (a lady, who I think the red car actually belonged to and he was creeping it).

The snorkeler had left and me and the lady had exchanged meaningful looks after he said "raped" and we exited the lake together and walked to our cars together and I am just very bothered by what happened.

I don't trust my judgement, was he a creep? Do guys say that to strange women, what if he wasn't peeing? Should I report him? Ugh, I just feel really violated, even though he didn't violate me and I feel bad for thinking he's such a creep when he didn't do anything really....also I wasn't mean to him and didn't tell him to go away even though I wanted him to. What should I have said? Do I report it to someone? What if he is actually bad and hurts someone?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie I missread this as "makes me need Scotland Breakfast" and I was so excited to know what this kind of breakfast this was and I knew it had to be magical because you needed it and also because it had to do with Scotland

There are magical breakfasts that exist in my mind...

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@RoyRogersMcFreely I use Mrs. Meyers....or do you not mean hand soap? For washing my body soap I use Dr. Bronners too except I think Dr. Bronners has all this weird stuff written all over it, maybe if you want to impress them don't use it? I also like to use Lush soaps when I can find them.

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On Friday Open Thread

I just discovered Ottessa Moshfegh and I think she's amazing!!

Bettering Myself:


Also can someone please tell me how to post links that are clickable?

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On Your July-August 'Pinup Roundup

Michigan anyone?

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On A Very American Open Thread

@yeah-elle I really liked it too! I liked it for the reasons you listed and also because things GJ said to other characters still resonate in my head, specifically when she asks Robin's mom "are you dying?" and Robin's mom says "yes" and is sort of ashamed and GJ responds, "that's ok, that's totally natural, your body knows what to do". I love reciting the phrase in my head that it's ok and my body knows what to do. This might sound grotesque, but it gave me relief to hear a person give another person permission to just be in the act of dying and for that to be enough(as opposed to having to fight the act of dying).

I wish there really was a lady ranch in Paradise that you could go when you needed a time out.

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On Friday Open Thread

Yea! Friday open-thread, I don't know if it's been discussed before. but why does it start so late? I wish it would start at noon!!

Okay so yesterday my therapist told me she thought I was co-dependent. I've spent the whole day looking up what that is, it's confusing, is it real? Does anyone have any thoughts about it as a concept, as a real thing, as a sham?

PS: Miss you Edith, I had such a crush on your sense of humor and fell in love with the Hairpin because of you!

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