On Ideas for Winter 2013

Ooh! I didn't think I liked James Joyce, but I liked that excerpt linked as the piece on lust. It was beautiful.

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On Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

George Templeton Strong! I think I looked up that same Schuylkill punch when I was researching what punch to serve at my holiday party (tomorrow!). I'll be throwing my first party at my new house, which was built in 1732, so I wanted something local and historic, if possible. That Schuylkill punch seemed a bit strong for my lightweight self, though. I decided on this Bollywood Punch that I hope will be a hit.

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On Or, "A Reason to Finally Buy That Miele"

My husband and I moved into a house in July and the previous owner (who was the sweetest lady in the world) left her Miele vacuum. I'm not sure if she meant to, but she hasn't tried to get it back, and we've definitely been taking advantage of it. It's amazing! I've never understood expensive vacuum cleaners, but it seems like a good investment after using one. There really is a difference.

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On Listen at Your Own Risk... of Something

@klaus Totally agree! I've had it for about a month, and I love it! I'm currently shelling out the $10 so I can have the mobile and desktop spotify, and I use it all the time. I love the radio stations and the playlists. Have you listened to the Refinery 29 playlist? It's pretty good.

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On A Third Gift for the Aliens

Ugh, I LOOOVE Contact. Such a surprisingly moving...movie for me.

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On "A Fairy Tale Is Not a Text"

Thank you so much for this, Nicole! I adore anything Philip Pullman. By the way, I've decided you should be a bibliotherapist, since you you're so good at it on thehairpin!

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Oh, Jane. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! What a beautiful wedding. It looks like it was wonderful celebration of love and life. Congratulations, and this Philly girl hopes Philadelphia treated you well (aside from the municipal mishaps!).

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On Man Dissatisfied With Meal

@RK Fire Be a food researcher for thehairpin! Even if it's only in the comments! :) I would love to read whatever you write about your experiences in such a position.

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On Friday Open Thread

@mangosara Oooh--I just bought the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and can't wait until it arrives!

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On Crushes on Professors and "How Can I Tell If I'm Boring?"

Great responses! From a very healthy person, I think.

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