On Boston Pinners and Non-Pinners, Be Safe

@wee_ramekin I've heard all clears from ~6 Boston 'Pinners thus far. It is true our cell signal is blocked and since public transit/roads has been shut down in the area people might be walking long distances to get home.

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On Mourning Jewelry Curator Sarah Nehama on Death and Keepsakes

@SarahP belatedly, I am SO IN on this plan

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Long Suicide of Montgomery Clift

@Ophelia On my first reading, the last image did not load, and was just a wire empty box outline. Her ending paragraph combined with that blank picture SHATTERED me.

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On 'Pin Picks: The Sign of Four

For those of you who are planning on going straight to the BBC costume drama adaptation available on Netflix: it's one of the few costume drama adaptations I found too joyless to finish. The, er, costumes are nice? Also, there were apparently some mad dramz over plot changes/"the Americanization of the BBC" in the miniseries.

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On 'Pin Picks: Third Watch

@maybe partying will help I feel so guilty about despising Among Others, but I found it a difficult book to read without having read much 60s-70s era science fiction. I am a huge Jo Walton fan, though (Tooth and Claw, novel of manners but with DRAGONS, what's not to love?)

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On 'Pin Picks: Third Watch

YES Nicole I love your recommendations and will be high-tailing it to the public library over my lunch break to pick them up! Thank you for calcium-chewing the rules for me.

For those lovely Boston-area 'pinners, join our bookclub! Reading the book is helpful, but seriously, come for the booze and high-spirited discussions on everything under the sun. The number of times I've shown up without having even cracked the book...

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On A Better Book Club

@anachronistique I am in two bookclubs, my young adult bookclub which is my "serious" bookclub, and the Boston Hairpin bookclub which is the "drunk" bookclub. We're doing it right.

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On Ask an Archivist

@phlox So in! As long as we're accepting corporate librarians in the mix...

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On [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher When I was in college I interned for a summer for the non-fiction branch of Cricket Publishing (Cobblestone, Odyssey, etc). It was if I had won the lottery, getting to be surrounded by big images of Cricket and Ladybug all day. The editors told me great stories about the early days of the magazines. The children in my life get a gift subscription whether they want one or not!

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On How Murder Ballads Helped

Tim Eriksen (of Cold Mountain music fame) is great at all dark-tinged folk songs, but I have a special fondness for his murder-ballad where the planned victim gets her revenge: "Castle by the Sea", http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lic6OLh4Zi4

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